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20 Mar 2018 10:37 #58011 by pneumatician
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reading this I find maybe a good method of take DIRECTLY MMS, etc. But I cano't have a piece of this hardware, what type of deposit have, best glass... Another question is the vapor go to from 100 to 250 ºC so I not known how people not burn their mouth, lungs... If someone tested this write here your experience. thanks!


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25 Mar 2018 06:00 #58051 by Sky
Replied by Sky on topic electronic cigarettes & MMS
Stay away from E-cigs with MMS as you will damage your lungs. No need for such an intense infusion when the protocols work excellently already.

Why not just sniff your MMS mix after activation. I do a 6 drop prep and then sit and sniff the vapor/gas for about 15 minutes. Start slowly and then increase the volume and rate as you get used to it. When your done - drink the balance of your mix. Now you got it coming at you from both ends - :)

Works very well in my opinion.

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