Question Blood cancer

02 Mar 2018 23:27 #57785 by Your friend
Blood cancer was created by Your friend
Can someone help me figure out how much mms for my blood cancer my heart tells me 5 drops every hour the cancer is called multiple myeloma, in the bible marrow... I was suppose to take chemo, but I refused.. it's been two years I lost lots of weight a d i do have bone pain But my heart and mind told me to seek other treatment. I talked to a friend he told me about mms and said start rigjt away. I may not have much time. So I'm starting today. 5 drops on the hour for eight hour's, dies sound like a decent protocol for blood cancer? They told me I have cancer when I was 57 ... I am now 59 and please any helpful info I would love and be extremely greatful. God is love . Thank you... your friend

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