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Well, the DDS asked if I took the antibiotic, I said no, he said ok.....and pulled out the tooth.....(I never told him about mms),
He didn't like that my cheek had become swollen and said that if it wasn't better by tomarrow , he wanted me to take the antibiotic.................Tonite my MMS Guidebook arrived!!......p.135 talks about patche protocol for the Skin.... would that work or should I do stronger or something else to fix the I guess, infection in the cheek?......I don't want his antibiotics!.......P.S. He didn't notice the metal crown! Thanks and thanks for your advice on the tooth treatment and I am now doing 2 1/2 ml-CDH per hour dosing, 8 per day internally. tippi

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06 Feb 2018 09:08 #57523 by CLO2
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Tippi, 2.5 ml of 3000 ppm CDS is about the same as a 1 drop MMS1 dose. You can probably take more.

I would use CDS plus water at the ratio of 1 part 3000 ppm CDS to 4 parts water and hold that in your mouth in the area of the infection for about 10 minutes and then spit it out. And continue ingesting CDS, too. Both can be done hourly.

Let us know if that works for you.

Happy reading your new book!

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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