Question About having a Health Center based on MMS/CDS

04 Feb 2018 23:52 #57498 by divine
Hi everyone,
For long I have had this burning desire to create such a centre in my country in Africa. There lots of such local centres as you may imagine. My aim is to bring MMS/CDS/CDH to the average man. People would be required to pay offcourse but not at the rate we have here abroad. My goal is to make this as affordable as possible to the local man.
My goal is to make my service an exemplary one both in quality and quantity. Its more challenging in developing countries.

I am here seek advise on how to implement such a strategy as well as possible. I am happy to listen and I would love to have mentors to share this cause. If such advise requires payment or proffessional teaching - I am happy to do that..
I welcome any contributions to move me ahead on this.

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