Loved CLO2; after treatment for pulled tooth?

04 Feb 2018 22:29 #57496 by tippi
Hi CLO2! A.) Thanks, I've been doing the 1part-CDH/3part-H2O and 2 drops DMSO on my tooth and drinking 75ml-CDH in 90ml-H2O but was unable to do it every woke up with swollen cheek, so today I am off-work and have been able to treat my tooth, drink the dose and now rubbing some of the tooth solution on my cheek, ALMOST hourly.

B.) I saturate a piece of cotton and keep it on there and then do it again 5min later. So much saliva competing for that spot not sure how effective my cottonball idea is....But the metal tooth is unharmed. I left the CDH out for 2 hours yesterday, although the room was cool, could it have effected potency? I hope not.

C.) So, after the tooth gets pulled, 24 hours from now, I plan to continue internal dosing, Increasing to 1ml-to11/2 per hour. I'm not sure if I can do this as I'm supposed to keep gauze on it until the clot process is secure in the socket. I'm wondering, if the socket heals and I still have puss, has the infection gone into the jawbone....I hope not!! Well,looking forward to your answers...... I'll let you know what the doctor says! tippi

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05 Feb 2018 02:23 #57500 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic CLO2; after treatment for pulled tooth?
Tippi, CDH can act as an antibiotic for your tooth problem. Keep applying it topically as you have been doing.

For ingestion of CDH, remember that 1 ml of CDH is the same as a 1 drop dose of MMS1, so you can follow MMS1 protocols knowing the equivalent CDH dosing. Work up your internal dosing without making yourself sick!

When a bottle of CDH is warm, it will let more CLO2 escape when the cap is off than if it was cold. Also, sunlight, even indirect sunlight, causes CLO2 to come out of the water solution. If you see what looks like fog inside the bottle of CDH, that is what is happening. So, if possible, keep CDH cold and in a dark place. An amber colored bottle can help with the sunlight problem.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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