Question is mms safe after wrist surgery? -- now have stainless steel installed

14 Jan 2018 00:56 #57305 by Yolo
I recently was taking mms with good success--but stopped after I fell and fractured one of my wrists. I had surgery recently and now have stainless steel plates plus pins. i'd love to get back on the mms--since it seemed to be helping against my Lyme Disease. But I want to make sure its ok with this surgical metal permanently in my wrist first. Meanwhile i am having good success continuing with an herbal anti lyme protocol. Am also making an herbal plaster for my wrist (comfrey/barberrt/boneset/flax) that is really speeding up healing. i think however that if i were back on mms it would be better yet--especially considering I also have Lyme Disease that likes to eat collagen etc. Comments?

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