Question CDS Protocol + Skin protocol with DMSO - Cancer-

10 Jan 2018 05:34 #57250 by Redpill

So, my mom who has been diagnosed with "cancer cells" on her spinal cord, feels lots of pain when walking on the upper side of her left and hips area, to the point that now she needs to walk with the help of crutches. She's been on the "CDS protocol" (1 ml per hour for 10 hours) for 6 days now, but not before following the 4 days "starting procedure" which is very recommended. Also she's been applying a mix of 2ml CDS + 1ml water + 1/2 tsp DMSO 3 times a day on the soles of her feet, legs, thighs and on her back lately + 1 feet bath a day of 15 activated MMS drops + 1/2 kilo of sea salt for 30 minutes.

Now, my question is, what's next? should she stays with the CDS protocol more time? (if yes, how long) or should she move on to another protocol? we bought the MMS2 with empty pills, but not sure when to use.

Another thing: DIET. Before starting all this stuff about MMS/CDS my mom ate a lot more, lots of fruits and greens which are antioxidants and most of this things are also high in vitamin C...I break my head thinking about what she can eat or not. Can she eat a plate full of greens and vegetables (high antioxidants) and then eat 2 hours later, for example she ends up eating at 4:40pm then take the other dose at 6:40pm? she always waits 2 hours to take her first CDS dose after breakfast, wait 1 hour to eat lunch after her last dose and wait 2 hours before her next dose but wait only 1 hour to take her dose after dinner...but can't she take snacks? what about snacks? how long she should wait to take her next dose...what about if she eats 1 pomegranate? which is very high in antioxidants,(which she's avoiding) or what about coffee (currently not drinking it) I hope you guys could help me with all this doubts, I try to do my best to help my mom.

As I know, eating a diet high in antioxidants which are vegetables and greens, etc is very recommended to people who suffer from cancers, to the point that even people have healed themselves by just eating a proper diet high in nutrients. I'm afraid that my mom is not feeding the way she should...I personally would like her to eat more and do it as she did before but with this treatment I've read that people need to avoid these in order to not interfere with the MMS/CDS treatment.

What do you guys recommend about all this? Thanks for reading me, suggestions and help is very well appreciated, really!

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