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Sorry about this - I still not real good at using forums. Wanted to give my update but used the wrong feature. See my first post with the title MMS Not Killing My Cancer After 7 Months
Anyway . . .
A long post filled with some interesting insights on what happened to me in the conventional world recently.

Jan 9, 2017. Hi All:
This update contains some interesting serious mistakes made by the conventional doctors I have been to. These mistakes were made on ME, they are first-hand experiences. When it comes to stage 4 cancers the conventional doctors are no better than the alternative plans. However, the alternative people are far less arrogant about it.

First, thanks for all the ideas in response to my first post. We (my husband and I) are looking into all of them. My husband had his first drink of his own urine to see what it was like. Did not taste bad, did not make him sick. Me, I gotta work up to it! But it can't be any worse than chemo.

We've been real busy running to doctors and hospitals. In this post I want to share some very interesting experiences with conventional medicine. After all, they always say that those who use alternative treatments are very wrong to do so, and that people like Jim Humble are so wrong and evil. Well let me tell you it works both ways!

I will share with you just how wrong the conventional docs can be, and just how little they don't know either, and just how evil and greedy THEY can be.

First, way back two years ago when I was first diagnosed with this ER/PR positive HER neg metastatic invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer I was told that it was Stage 2, and that all I needed was a lumpectomy. I refused this surgery because my husband and I at least knew enough to know that if the cancer had metastasized then surgery was pointless, as would be chemo and radiation. After all, so many close friends and family members of ours had already died with their cancers we had a clue what happens.

The oncologist was very insistent that I have this surgery as soon as possible. We refused on grounds that I would not have any treatments of any kind without first having a PET/CT scan. The doc got real angry with us but we stood our ground. When I finally got the PET, sure enough, I had cancer in my hip bones. I was stage 4. Thus the oncologist was WRONG. The doc had gotten real arrogant and nasty with my husband when my husband refused to let me have the surgery before the PET. So it turns out WE were right. Imagine that.

The next oncologist was right to say there was no cure for my cancer, and therefore chemo and radiation would not work except perhaps to help control pain. This doc did recommend the use of Aromasin, which is a drug that kills off estrogen. Since my cancer is supposedly driven by estrogen it might work. I put off taking it for almost a year to try several alternative protocols, none of which worked. So I then took the Aromasin for 10 months. It too did not work, did not help a bit, as the cancer continued to spread. This doc then suggested trying other more powerful drugs, which I refused as I wanted to try using MMS, which I did for 2 months on low doses, then ramped up to higher doses ( as much as I could stand of both MMS1 and MMS2) for another 7 months. And it too did not work.

Finally two months ago I went to another oncologist for a PET scan, which is when I found out the MMS was not working. Two days after the PET the nurse called us in a big panic saying I needed to get to an emergency room ASAP as I had a broken hip that had to have surgery as fast as possible. Now mind you I was walking, riding my bicycle, lifting boxes, etc. with no pain or symptoms in that fractured hip. They said the fracture was in my left hip, and I had no pain in that left hip. I did have cancer pain in my right hip. So I asked if they had the correct hip. They insisted it was the left hip, and they told me I needed a hip replacement. I refused so the oncologist called and talked to my husband, who said to the doc, "I am confused as she has no symptoms . . ." The doc cut my husband off and said, "There is nothing to be confused about - she needs emergency surgery now!"

So I went for a second opinion and had a thin-slice CRT on that left hip. (Keep in mind that hip surgery is very risky, and many women die from it each year.) This was with a fourth oncologist who was also a surgeon. He told me that I DID NOT need hip surgery, let alone a hip replacement! And they complain about alternative people not knowing what they are doing? I always thought that modern conventional medicine was great a things like surgery but now I wonder.

I'm learning that any time a doctor gets in a panic saying "You need this or that right now!" to run the other way.

My current oncologist wants me to take three cancer drugs: Ibrance, Xgeva, and Falsodex. I have Medicare and two supplemental insurance coverages. Now the monthly cost of these three drugs is a hair over $18,000 a month! (Wonder how much MMS a person can buy for $18,000?) And they want me to take them for at least a year. My co-pay on all of this comes to $7,000 a month, and that does not include the office visits, nor all the scans. Further, they also want me to have a whole bunch of radiation treatments, which I am still trying to get a cost estimate on.

In the Ibrance trials only 44 percent of the women in the study had a positive response to the Ibrance, which is a chemo pill one takes daily. However, 99 percent enjoyed all the bad side effects without any benefit, and it killed one woman in the trial. (You can google it up under Paloma-2) Further, the Ibrance allowed the 44 percent to live only 10 months longer on average without their cancer growing. After that, it got worse anyway. There were a few who did see about 24 months without progression. And if the Ibrance program does not work some $180,000 later? Good old infusion chemo is all they offer. Good old Death In A Bottle. And somehow MMS is a toxic bleach that is worse than that?

Moreover, what we also learned is that the doctors who prescribe the chemo drugs get a huge chunk of that $18,000 per month cost. Indeed some 60 percent of their total gross income is from chemo sales to their patients! Really? And they call people like Jim Humble quacks who are just milking the desperate souls dying from cancer?

We talked in detail with the local hospice nurse about how my cancer will progress to kill me. It is a horrible thing to have to face. The nurse explained that as the cancer ate away at my spinal column I would lose control over my bowels and bladder and end up crapping and peeing all over myself as I would not be able to get out of bed to use the bathroom. (The list of horrors gets worse . . . ) However, my Medicare will pay for all of that hospice care100 percent! The hospice folks will take real good care of me in my own home - except for the last few miserable weeks when they will take me into their hospice house and let my husband live with me there as I go into a coma to die. Again, Medicare will pay for it all, 100 percent.

In other words, Medicare will pay me to die as fast as possible, in as much comfort as possible, but they will not pay for most of the drug cost that is supposed to help me live longer. Go figure!

Now can anyone explain to me why the conventional system, so full of mistakes, so full of greed, and so full of red tape is somehow so much better than the "crooks" and "quacks" in the alternative world?

Meanwhile our three neighbors all lost their husbands to slow horrible deaths by cancer - all of whom did what the good doctors told them to do. My husband's two best friends are also now dying of cancer, and they think we are nuts for trying MMS. Now they admit they are no better off!

So if there are any alternative-hating doctors reading this, here is your chance to explain why your skills are so much better, why you are not greedy, and why your programs are so much better than alternatives like MMS. In other words, why are you so much better than Jim Humble? Sure, his program did not work for me, but neither did yours. But I did not have to pay Jim Humble my entire savings to find out!

If you have cancer like me, wondering what to do as the Black Horror of Cancer Death bears down on you because nothing else has worked for you - conventional or alternative - I urge you to do what I am doing here. Keep the world posted of what happens with whatever you do. What few realize, and what is missing in SO many testimonials, is that stage four cancer is very very hard to beat - with anything alternative or conventional. And what worked for one may not work for another. But if anything does work - conventional or alternative - the world needs to know what it is.

This is not about ego. This is not about WHO is right but WHAT is right. Whatever it is, if you are stage four and you are live five years later, that is awesome and the world needs to know it.

I have read thousands of testimonials. If you have cancer, are taking any kind of treatments for it - alternative or conventional or both - PLEASE state what stage of cancer you have. It is NOT enough to say "I have cancer . . ." The world needs to know HOW MUCH cancer you have. Many things work well on stage 1 or stage 2, but those same treatments are not likely to work on stage 3 cancers, and very few work at all on stage 4. Further, the strong protocols needed in stage four may not be needed in stage 1 or stage 2 and knowing that could help those with less cancer.
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09 Jan 2018 21:36 #57239 by CLO2
LaKidd, thanks for this update. Very revealing info.

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