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26 Dec 2017 18:23 #57070 by hannelore.sander
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I was planning to start a three week protocol for my basal skin carcinoma in January. I am still torn between using the Drops and the CDS after I read on this forum that, for ingestion, the drops would be more effective. Could you please further comment on this.

In trying decide, I looked again at the CDS protocol 101 by Andreas Kalcker. It sounds so very convenient for someone like me who is on the go all the time.. I am, however a little confused because this protocol involves a daily bottle, which Jim Humble recommends against. Also, I thought CDS always needed to be cold, and this will not be possible when carrying a daily bottle around.

I believe I was told in the past that it would it be possible to switch back and forth between the Drops and CDS during a three week course. Could you please confirm this.

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26 Dec 2017 23:42 #57077 by CLO2
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Undiluted CDS should be kept cold, but for an all-day bottle of CDS, it is diluted with water. You can compare all-day bottles of CDS and MMS1 - both will lose a little CLO2 gas when opened. Be sure not to leave the bottle cap off any longer than necessary. It would be better to use an all-day bottle than no MMS1/CDS. People have recovered from serious diseases for years using an all-day bottle of MMS1. It is just recently that Jim says making MMS1 doses each hour would be best. I have not seen any testing or testimonials to prove that claim.

For your skin cancer, I would take MMS1 internally and apply undiluted CDS + DMSO topically. Don't forget the other protocols that you can include along with ingestion and topical treatments.

If you opt for taking CDS internally, when dosing gets high, you will probably notice throat irritation due to the high amount of CLO2 in CDS, whereas MMS1 and CDH contain much less CLO2, externally.

You can use all three SCSs; MMS1, CDS and CDH. They all contain CLO2. It is also thought that unactivated MMS can be used by the body and not just activated with stomach acid. Also, check out unofficial Protocol 102 that I wrote.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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