Question Does MMS helps with Glaucoma and Cataract ?

30 Nov 2017 06:40 #56824 by schatzdame
Hello everyone ..My name is Aleena from Malaysia . I was diagnosed with Glaucoma at the age of 26 due to the side effect of steroid eyedrops which was prescribed to me by eye specialist for minor eye redness and irritation . With the trust of medical nowadays , I started with my glaucoma medication and it has increase to maximum dosage of 4 types of eyedrops and plus tablet consumption . After 5 years on medication , the treatment doesn't help in controlling the eye pressure that lead to 90 percent or more of my vision lost . Now , I have totally stop my medication since I don't see any point of using it anymore and in my case I never felt pain in the eye or even headache as claimed by the doctors . Due to the 5 years usage of the glaucoma eyedrops , now I have developed cataract. Lost my trust with conventional treatment , now Im in a mission to search to heal the body and the eyes . This is not the first case , I know a few people who experienced the same problem .

I hope MMS can help me and others . Can anyone share some eye testimonials and the usage if any . Please reach out to me , on where can I get the supplies in Malaysia as well . Thank you and sorry for the long message guys , Im just so devastated …

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30 Nov 2017 20:19 #56830 by CLO2
There is a testimonial here on glaucoma and cataracts. You can also search this forum for glaucoma and cataracts. Be sure to set the date range to "any date."

I tried different alternative interventions for my cataracts and they did not work. Finally, I had cataract operations on both eyes and the result was excellent! If you opt for the operation, be sure the surgeon has a perfect track record. Some do not.

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04 Dec 2017 06:37 #56866 by schatzdame
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Thank you for your reply CLO2

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