Question Anal fistula reacting to MMS

29 Sep 2017 16:12 #56500 by Manjushri
Anal fistula reacting to MMS was created by Manjushri
My friend is suffering from anal fitula, which has appeared two years after surgery to remove an abscess.

He does not want surgery again, and has been trying a number of treatments.

I have suggested MMS but he does not want to start the 1000 protocol because in the past he did not react to it as well as I did.

I have prepared him three MMS baths on three separate days and he also drank 6 drops before the baths. After each bath the fistula has swollen bigger and appeared more red for several hours before going back to its "usual" size.

After the last bath the fistula has developed a few dark spots on it. It is hard to tell if the MMS is doing good or bad because even though the appearance changes, his pain level remains a constant 3-5.

Does anyone with success using mms to treat this problem have advice? I would have thought an enema to help, but seeing his reaction to baths has me concerned.

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01 Oct 2017 22:48 #56506 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic Anal fistula reacting to MMS
Manjushri, from reading info on the internet regarding this ailment, it seems the only option is surgery.

MMS should eliminate any pathogens in that area, but can't close up or remove the fistula channel.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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