Question How do I increase my dosage up to Protocol 1000 without nausea?

19 Aug 2017 13:04 #56228 by Daviskei
Im doing MMS due to haveing CFS/ME and although i feel like it has already helped me in the 3 weeks ive been takeing it, I want to reach a point where I can manage 3 drops every hour 8 times a day which is the protocol 1000. the most ive been able to manage so far has been 1 drop an hour but that made me feel really fatigued and messed up for a couple days, however i had a lot of stuff going on in that period also which definately didnt help how I was feeling. Im sure i will be able to reach the 3 drops an hour point eventually, but I was really just wondering if anyone can share with me their own experience with working their way up a protocol and what worked for them that I could perhaps implement. The only thing im doing now is mixing MMS with a grapefruit juice that im 90% certain doesnt contain vitamin C or asorbic acid.

Thanks for any replies you might have :)

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20 Aug 2017 00:46 #56229 by CLO2
Antioxidant content in mmol/100g

Grapefruit, red USA 0.59
Grapefruit, red Dole Norway 0.83
Grapefruit, yellow Jaffa Norway 0.82

Orange Zenta Norway 0.83
Orange Outspan, Netherlands Norway 1.08
Oranges, navel USA 0.89

Juice, orange Farmer’s Fairtrade Norway 0.60
Juice, orange Bræmhults, Sweden Norway 0.81
Juice, orange Delights Norway 0.47
Juice, orange Mills, Norway Norway 0.84
Juice, orange Nora, Stabburet, Norway Norway 0.61
Juice, orange Fellesmeieriet, Norway Norway 0.68
Juice, orange Eldorado Norway 0.71

As you can see, grapefruit, oranges and orange juice all have some antioxidants.

"Pink Grapefruit: Packed With Vitamin C" "Just one-half delivers 80% of your recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C ..."

Protocol 1000 specifies 3 drops/hour for 8 hours as the MAXIMUM. Three drops of MMS/hour is NOT a goal; it is just the maximum. Did you know that some people have restored their health from stage 4 cancer using just 1/2 drop doses of MMS?

Don't be concerned if you can't reach 3 drops/hour MMS dosing. What you're looking for is healing - not trying to reach a certain number of MMS drops/hour.

If the taste or smell of MMS1 bothers you, try this method of ingesting MMS.

Also, you may want to read this .

One last thought; are you using 50% citric acid or 4% HCL to activate MMS? Some people can not tolerate citric acid. :sick:

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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20 Aug 2017 20:04 #56235 by nonconformist
I had to increase very slowly; it took months. My experience is that people with chronic conditions take a long time to increase. The good news is that it really does make me feel better even if I'm not at that maximum dose of 3 drops hourly. The goal is great but for me, it came in due time.

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