Question Incurable "invisible" herpes?

27 Jun 2017 05:45 #55975 by lookingstilllooking
Incurable "invisible" herpes? was created by lookingstilllooking
Can someone help me understand how MMs can work on herpes? I have been reading up on why the virus is considered incurable, here is what I found

"During the first infection, however, some
viruses also infect sensitive nerves near the site of infection and are transported along the axons to the neuron itself where it enters a latent stage. During this time, the virus' DNA is circular and the virus does not
express any of its proteins, which makes it "invisible" to the immune system."

If MMS improves the immune system to fight but the immune system can't find the virus because it's invisible... Then how can MMs help here??

Hope someone can help me understand. Thanks!!

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26 Aug 2017 18:57 #56287 by pneumatician
Replied by pneumatician on topic Incurable "invisible" herpes?
"incurable" is a bad use of language, the right word "I don't known"

of course the idiots of the official med "science"full of pathetic ego never say something like this and choose to pervert the language to confuse the masses.

Supposing is right what u write between ""

read carefully, the virus infect a person, so is ACTIVE, go to some place and enter in a "zombie state"?

ok, a person is infected and the virus survive the strong human army.(a person with a strong immune system) and when find a good place enter in zombie state or the virus is in "stand by" mode with their "antennas" on searching for a signal saying "my cough is depressed" or "their immune system is compromised" so now is my time, the virus awake and start to replicate like crazy. ok?

the immune system is strong again and a lot of virus is destroyed but others viru's clusters make "roots" in the cough entering in stand by mode again and again the process start again and again.

well, if it where my I take lots of water,... blood and body clean and no herpes. The garbage truck is working!!

And if it where my I check lecithin, lysene, large vit A FROM Beta-carotene...


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30 Aug 2017 05:14 #56308 by Hicks
Replied by Hicks on topic Incurable "invisible" herpes?
Boosting the immune system is only one of the things MMS does. It has a number of other effects in the body. To cut this short, MMS is not an immune response and therefore does not work in the same way. Herpes is only invisible to the immune system because it hides inside cells. It cannot be recognised by the immune system until the cell starts to break down and 'burst' (outbreak) revealing the virus to the immune system. However, the virus will turn the cell acidic before it bursts. Basically, as well as boosting the immune system (this is the rich oxygen content in CL02 doing this), MMS just destroys anything it comes into contact with that is positively charged i.e. is acidic, which means all pathogens including herpes virus. It does not discriminate like the immune system, it just destroys anything that shouldn't be there. I had HSV1 - check my other posts. Hope this helps.
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