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Question DMSO topical instructions and Safety Practices

14 Oct 2015 11:57 #50337 by tdb57chevy
Replied by tdb57chevy on topic DMSO topical instructions and Safety Practices
Something I discovered about DMSO. DMSO can cause offensive breath and body odor. I read this in a book, but also experienced it for myself. I could not smell the odor myself, but others could. I was using it in larger quantities (0.5ml) both internally and externally for pain control. I used it for pain in my back, knees, and feet I found that using DMSO externally around and below the waist is less offensive. DMSO used externally in small quantities (a few drops) should not cause any odor problems. Just something you may want to be aware of. Hope this is helpful.

The book that goes into great detail about DMSO is DMSO: Nature's Healer; Paperback – January 1, 1993
by Morton Walker D.P.M.


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