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Question DMSO with MMS2& B17 & Aloevera

07 Aug 2014 20:25 #46757 by Muhanna
DMSO with MMS2& B17 & Aloevera was created by Muhanna
Hi ,
please i need your advice.
i have breast cancer stage2 , (Invasive Carcinoma grade3), am using now protoccole 2000 with MMS2 without MMS1 for one month because MMS1 is not available in my country. Now I have DMSO and B17(amygdalin) tablets 500mg and i want to add it with MMS2 in my protocole.
is it possible ??!!!!

i have read that the correct dose for B17 per day is two tablets, is there any conflict with MMS2 (2000protocole),

For DMSO: what is the appropriate dosage per day?? as I want to take it with MMS2 also with B17.

While taking the DMSO oraly, is it possible to use it also on breast skin with aloevera for more benefit??

If you have any additional suggestion for me.

god bless you

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