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Question INSULIN & MMS doses, Current advice

04 Aug 2011 04:16 #4301 by Michael Harrah
INSULIN & MMS doses, Current advice was created by Michael Harrah
The following question came up,

There was advice on the old mmsanswers site to keep MMS 4 hours apart from taking insulin. Since a Type 1 diabetic has to take insulin every time they eat and at bedtime, as well as corrections if necessary, and Jim Humble's advice for diabetics is Protocol 1000, which is to take MMS hourly, how would that be accomplished? It would not be possible to take MMS hourly and keep it 4 hours apart from insulin.

Jim answered as follow,

I think that it would be ok to separate insulin from MMS by 1/2 hour and thus there should be no trouble. The MMS does not react with the insulin and thus it should be OK. I have not had anyone telling me that they had trouble and there have been many people on the protocol who have diabetes.

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11 Sep 2013 20:01 #35942 by RAINCLOUD
Replied by RAINCLOUD on topic INSULIN & MMS doses, Current advice

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