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Question Success with diabetes

12 Jun 2012 04:40 #18602 by beverly
Success with diabetes was created by beverly
I just want to report that my husband has had success getting rid of his diabetes 2. It took about 3 months. I was hoping to get off my high blood pressure meds so we did this together. We started out with the MMS protocol one. Neither one of us could stand the taste so we switched to CDS. After a month of CDS we added MMS2. So we were taking both everyday. There were times when the timings weren't perfect and we got off schedule or didn't get a full days dose but for the most part we stuck to it. My husband got really tired of the CDS after about 2 months and just took the MMS2 every two hours 4 times a day. Things to note here. He kept taking his diabetes meds the whole time.. His blood sugar was always under control as long as he was on the meds. He also exercised daily and watched what he ate. We didn't change our eating to accommodate the protocol. When it was time to eat we ate regardless of when the last dose of CDS or MMS2 had been taken. We never had orange juice or any juice, because that was not good for the diabetes or the protocol. After 3 months of this he started to noticed that his blood sugar was the same no matter what he had eaten so he tapered off the Metforman. After 2 weeks of no meds he went in for a diabetes check. All his numbers were totally normal. Of course the doctor won't say he is cured because if he falls into the bad habits it will return I am sure. What a blessing this is to be rid of this curse!!!
I still have not been able to go entirely off the high blood pressure med but I have cut it in half. It has been 4 months so I am taking a break and will perhaps pursue it again later. If we have any hint of a cold or infection the MMS2 clears it immediately. We will keep taking maintenance doses. It feels so good to know that we can be in charge of our own health. I am so greatful that I ran across this. It took us about a month to get up the courage to try this and I am so glad we took the plunge --- now if I can just get rid of that half blood pressure pill!
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