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Question Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma b cell

26 Feb 2011 22:15 #906 by Herby
Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma b cell was created by Herby
Hello eveyone, You might say I am the new kid on the block...:). I have spent the last 4 years batteling this condition. I've had chemo twice but it kept coming back. I found out that the drug prednisone was used to treat lymphoma so I have been on it for seven days per month only which seems to keep the cancer in check but unfortunetly I also had to put up with all the side effects. I started MMS1 and worked my way up to 15 drops twice a day with no significant results but I think I should be treating this as life threatening and I'm not because the drug keeps me feeling well and my lymph node inflammation down. I beleive I should be using protocol 2000. Can anyone verify this for me please.

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26 Feb 2011 23:23 #908 by brtanner
Replied by brtanner on topic Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma b cell
Hi Herby,

Yes, absolutely, you are faced with a deeply ingrained, systemic and potentially fatal condition, so Protocol 2000 is how you may want to approach it. The basic instructions can be found at jimhumble.biz - if you need further help with details, please ask. When you're comfortable with the process of taking hourly doses of MMS1 (maybe 2 to 5 days), start easy on MMS2. The MMS2/calcium hypochlorite will give your natural immune system a big boost to give synergistic reinforcement to the MMS1/chlorine dioxide. Your healing will also benefit from being free from the side effects and toxicity of pharmaceuticals.

This is not an easy assignment and requires commitment and some discipline, but it can clear out entrenched conditions within perhaps 2 or 3 months. It's possible that when a deeper healing begins you will have new or previous symptoms come up, but if you stay the course the will almost certainly recede again. Be gentle with yourself, and try to avoid using so much MMS that you have unpleasant Detox reactions - if they arise, slow down and back off.

Best of luck,
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