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Loved "Epitheliotropic Lymphoma" skin cancer & DMSO+MMS

11 Apr 2017 11:10 #55394 by Marina
Hello eveyone ,

My Best (Dog) Friend was diagnosed with skin cancer , "Epitheliotropic Lymphoma".

She is 6.5 years old , Golden Labrador retriever . weigh 20 Kg.
2 months ago she had a biopsy surgery which officially diagnosed the disease .
We assume it began 6 months ago and was not detected properly untill the biopsy.

She was on antibiotic pills for a week after the surgery to prevent possible infections.
For the last 2.5 months she receives steroids 40 mg. a day and Stomach protectors 1 a day .
Additionally she receives 1 turmeric pill a day and 1 spoon of Diatomaceous earth (food grade).
This treatment helps her in acute circumstance of the skin but in the long run it weakens her .
She eats 2-4 times a day . Fresh balanced food .

*Couple of days ago a friend recomended me to read about MMS & DMSO.
I read a bit and was surprised to find out about it only recently !

PLEASE i would love some information and clearance on this subject !
How much sould i give her ?
What is the proper dosage for her according to the information above ?
How (in water/pills or any other way) ?
For my understanding it's a mix between the two ; mms & dmso .
It is good for internal and external use as i see . am i write ?
I really hope you guys can help us , i really want her to be better
and to give her some relief with the skin from the inside out (:

Bless you All for any help you can share with us .
With much love , Marina & Luna (My magical best friend).

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