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30 Jul 2016 21:37 #53064 by jennylucia
MMS AND RADIATION was created by jennylucia
My father has been taking MMS for about 2 weeks now, and is now considering radiation. If he continues to take the MMS while going through radiation, will they still both work the way they are supposed to, or can radiation affect the way MMS is supposed to work and vice versa?

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31 Jul 2016 21:08 - 31 Jul 2016 21:09 #53072 by RevPaul
Replied by RevPaul on topic MMS AND RADIATION
I'm not sure why anyone would consider radiation, but if they don't know how detrimental it is to the immune system, and trust the doctors recommendations, then I understand. Please have your father do some serious research on the subject.

To help answer your question, MMS will keep doing it's job of oxidation, but will spend most of its energy on the affected areas caused by the radiation. Make sure to follow the guidelines when taking MMS that are recommended in Jim's new book "MMS Health Recovery Manual" .
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