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Question My wife (56) got pancreas cancer. We need help.

18 Apr 2016 00:51 #51976 by pneumatician
Replied by pneumatician on topic My wife (56) got pancreas cancer. We need help.
hello, first, for what reason not is the person affected writing here? your health, your body, your responsibility.

the guy of the stomach cancer, not is clear if finished the "official" treatment or abandoned before finishing, right?

tomato is high in c vitamin??? if you take a lot of vegetable following the book... tomatos have vit C, kiwis have 3 times vit C than orange and so on...

marijuana, I think is best in oil (the sulfur part of the plant) in the videos I watched I only see people talking about oil) BUT I would make "rotations" taking oil, infusions... cancer is a death math so I personally "would not take prisoners".


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