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Question 12yo Black Lab with Lung cancer just diagnosed

03 Jun 2015 14:54 #49775 by schjas123
My 12 year old dog has been diagnosed with lung cancer on 06/01/2015 and it looks pretty aggresive and all thru her lungs. The Vet gives her 1 maybe 2 months. My friend told me about this website and doing research. Any advice? At least I can try this treatment. She is currently on 20mg of prednisone which is helping her breathing. She is not struggling at this point and still eating , urinating and pooing. The vet said her heart looks good. She has coughing sometimes blood streaked mucous. Should I just make her comfortable and enjoy the days I have left or try this treatment. I am new and don't know who to go to about this treatment and where to start or where to purchase! This dog is my best friend and my whole life. I just want to do what is best for her. This may not cure her but give her good quality of life and perhaps give me a little more time to say goodbye. Any responses I really appreciate!

Black Lab Lover.
Rochester NY.

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03 Jun 2015 19:34 - 03 Jun 2015 19:37 #49777 by Sky
Hi Schjas,

Tall order - but it is possible.

You must read up on this site and get her onto Protocol 1000.

I would look deeply into her diet - as she is gonna need good nutrition and Not bought from a store. Because this is where the cancer came from imho.

Next thing I would STRONGLY recommend is getting hold of around 30g of Honey Oil (google it - made from marijuana) Look up Phoenix Tears by Rick Simpson and you could do it yourself even. She must consume at least 30g in 60 days. That will take out the cancer on its own, but the MMS protocol will add to the removal of her pathogens.

No sugar of ANY form and no grains. Her acidity is probably high due to diet, so add a little Sodium Bicarb the her drinking water every day (1/2 teaspoon in at leat 500ml of water.)

It will be a fair amount of work - but you love her and so that won't even count!

Good Luck and keep us informed of the progress.


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04 Jun 2015 08:24 #49785 by lulu66
Hi Schjs

Sorry to hear about your friend, just goes to show that smoking is not always the cause of lung cancer!! I share my life with five doggies at the moment, one of which I'll be treating with MMS, she has leichmenosis. All of them are off the streets and they often come in with serious illness

I wish you all the best with your pal, keep us posted, tell us how it's going.

Animal lover

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