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Question For What It Is Worth

02 Aug 2014 11:58 - 02 Aug 2014 11:59 #46610 by Horsefeathers
For What It Is Worth was created by Horsefeathers
I have permission to copy and paste the following info. It is from a different forum. I would like to put it here as it may help someone. I would think that with Kelly Rivera's protocol and this protocol it would perhaps make a tremendous difference quicker. However, that said, I know nothing about digestive enzymes. Perhaps somebody in the know can make use of this info and people can kick some big pharma butt with it! :)

many years ago, (between 7 and 17, i forget which year it was),
a telvised documentary , one hour long, on oeta/ pbs (the education channel) ,
showed the first 2 known children who recovered from over 50% autism
in a relatively short time,
when the doctors treating them gave them the enzyme needed to metabolize or excrete or deal with mercury.
i didn't bother to get a copy of it, figuring it would be readily findable in later months/years..... in oeta files or archives, whatever....

well, apparently that particular documentary disappeared... not a surprise any more, but rather disappointing.

still, in its place, are dozens of books and many internet resources ('buyer beware', as charlatans have been copy-catting the real helps and using /selling ways that may usually not work)....

the simplest was the first, and actually 'accidental' cure of a boy about 65% or 85% (by ama standards/measurements) auti.....
his parents simply took him to the usual/normal checkup at the hospital they used, on a friday.
then they took him home.
2 days later, on sunday, when he woke up, he was totally 'normal' by all actions and appearances!

they tried for quite some time to get someone at the hospital to talk with them about this 'wonderful' turn of events,
but no one there would talk with them.

they got copies of all the medical records and went through them with a fine tooth comb, and the only thing different from all the previous visits
was a small injection (used routinely to gauge by reaction the percentage of difference/standard/measure of autism by the ama protocols in place at that time and for years before).
a small amount, injected, of a digestive enzyme.
but they couldn't (ever) get anyone at the hospital to talk with them about it.
an unrelated doctor, about a year or 2 later, offered to help them test this,
as his own son was also autistic, and he figured if it worked, it worked, and if not, no big surprise.
it worked. (for his own son). in about 3 days.
and within a few months the main makers of trouble started a campaign of virtually immeasurable cost
to bury or discredit or dismiss or make disappear this wonderful information.(a campaign which is way past full steam ahead today still - with billions spent to keep parents and others from looking into it).
an internet search with various key words turns up quite a vast amount of information now available to start to make honest educated decisions
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