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Question Cat nose swelling from MMS + DMSO?

09 Jan 2018 16:48 #57236 by MWMW11
Cat nose swelling from MMS + DMSO? was created by MWMW11
Our cat has squamous cell carcinoma and we have been treating her with MMS+DMSO for a few days now.

As she weighs only 3kg, we have been giving her 1.0ml of a drop (MMS+DMSO) both orally (with syringe) and topically (with spray bottle) at the same time. She seemed to have livened up a bit a couple days ago, but now it's Day 3 and she is looking absolutely terrible and her nose seems to have swollen and the cancer seems to have actually spread much larger!

Are we doing anything wrong? We are following instructions for Protocol 1000 for animals that weigh about 3kg... Is it possible to be overdoing it with the spray bottle? We are giving her the topical and oral dose together every hour for 8 hours a day.

I have attached a photo of how bad it now looks, any help or advice would be appreciated please as we don't want to make the cancer even worse! Is it possible the MMS+DMSO is making this worse?

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