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Question Canine Lung Fungal Infection (Valley Fever)

23 May 2014 01:23 #44631 by RobertDG
Replied by RobertDG on topic Canine Lung Fungal Infection (Valley Fever)
Wanted to say .. I got your message of April ... concur

I wanted to up date my treatment of Dakota (12.5 yr old Weimariner with Lung Fungal Infection. My vet does muscle testing Long Distance .. and he says .. Dakota is improving on the
MMS Protocol ... I am using Protocol 2000 ... using DMSO where DMSO drops equal MMS and Activator drops ... also using 1/4 of a # 4 Capsule of MMS 2 ...
In the beginning .... had some issue with MMS 2 after successfully getting him up to 4 to 6 drops of MMS ... and had to suspend the MMS2 until I got the bulk MMS2 powder/grains .. and geletin capsules size 4 ... After being on the MMS-1 for a couple of week and getting my MMS2 supplies ... I was able to get MMS2 incorporated into the protocol .. starting out a couple capsules the first day .. then up to 4 the next day .... working to get up to 6 capsules a day ... filled to only 1/4 full (# 4 capsule) ... and 4 to 6 drops of MMS-1 (Trying for every hour .. but often 1.25 to 1.5 hrs apart. sometimes 2 hrs ... (I do the best I can) ... but I don't quit ... (As I can with MMS-2... I will increase the fill of the capsule to 1/2 .. but likely not more than 3/4 ... due to Dakota being a Dog .. and his weight being only 65 pounds (My goal for MMS-2 is 5 to 7 doses per day ... He will probably do well on the 1/3 to 1/2 dose of MMS-2 ... as long as I am consistent. .... With MMS-1 ... I will work to get consistant with 6 drops on an 1 hr to 1.5 hour basis ... with a goal of 8 to 10 doses per day. ... My overall consistency is not horrible .. and I keep working at it ..

I realize the Protocol 2000 is for Humans .. and Dakota is a Dog ... so although the way I am administering it ... is a bit off from a Human using Protocol 2000 ... I am doing my best to get as consistent as I possibly can ... and sometimes its just not easy ...

I am moving back to New Mexico from Indiana in June and will see my vet personally then to verify Dakota's progress at recovering from Lung Fungus ... we shall see.

I also expect to keep Dakota on the protocol for a couple of months ... do to the consistency not being as good as is "IDEAL" ...

I do have to say .. he is adjusting to the Protocol and is tolerating it much better than in the beginning ...

It has been a struggle to get consistent ... and to balance the dosage to keep him from throwing up ... so I now ... work to be real conserative in my administration of the given doses ... so as not to cause him discomfort ....
making progress ... I have finally found the niche that works ... using a variable of 3 to 6 drops of MMS ... trying for every hour 10 times a day .. most days .. 8

Live well and healthy.
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