× MMS: sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%
MMS1 or Activated MMS: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

Question Topic for Posting New Info on MMS Suppliers and Providers

12 Dec 2011 03:58 #9155 by jenntucson
Will do, thanks, not the greatest at mixing stuff..I only got 47 pages of book downloaded, but my son said he'd help me get on payday...I'm actually putting on the desitin now, that was not found in the download...the redness seems to be spreading and itching terribly. Thanks for all the info!!
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24 Dec 2011 19:47 #9524 by lpi
Hi, everybody!

If anybody can help with where to buy high quality affordable MMS in Russia.
Thank you very much.
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23 Jan 2012 19:14 #10764 by Tilly
Please add the following information regarding a supplier:

Reliable and responsible supplier for the UK and Africa
Supplier of powdered MMS, liquid MMS & CDS and Protocol 2000
Shipping costs depend upon quantity
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (website in progress)
UK +44 (0)7951 488 212
Africa 00220 314 0522

Thank you
Sent with love
Rev Tilly

Minister of Health - UK & Africa
MMS/CDS Clinic - Africa
MMS/CDS Training Centre for Doctors/Health Workers - Africa
Supplier MMS/CDS - UK & Africa
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24 Jan 2012 04:57 #10807 by John D.

I was just looking forward in seeing my store on your store listings section.

We are Called MMS Green Life

www.mmsgreenlife.com , Florida USA, 561-339-1983
We sell MMS, MMS2, The New CDS Solution and DMSO in retail and wholesale quantity's.

Thanks alot.

also i've been trying to find some information on how to apply cds or even mms to a bad ear. Not sure if its a wax build up or other issue. just curious if theirs something for the ears. Thanks.

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24 Jan 2012 06:02 - 24 Jan 2012 16:38 #10814 by John D.
MMS Green Life
Florida, USA
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28 Jan 2012 11:48 - 28 Jan 2012 11:57 #11117 by Still Learning
Hi all, Something occurred to me while reading about the Project Green Life / MMSgreenlife controversy; and, in addition to hopefully preventing John from winding up a victim of it, I'd like to help redirect the ire into the direction which I'm guessing it belongs.

Apparently, the storm troopers "got" the folks at the original site. They could be in jail; or, under court order not to go on-line. Passwords (assuming that the feds didn't change them) were probably stored in computers that are "being held as evidence." They could be just as upset as their customers about orders that can't get filled; but, in all likelihood, their accounts are frozen and they can't get into them to issue refunds. If a domain owner is unable to access their site, a web site will persist until either the domain name expires or the host site removes it. The goon squad types certainly aren't going to do anything to take it down; since, people feeling like they got ripped off only plays into their agenda of trying to discredit anyone selling anything that actually works... Instead of lambasting these folks, my guess is that we need to be praying for them. If anyone knows a really good hacker, perhaps they could talk them into getting into the site and posting something along the lines of: "Please help! We've been 'captured by the forces of darkness' and are no longer able to fulfill your orders. Please do NOT order from us!!!" I don't know any hackers; but, I'm sure that there are some out there who'd be able and willing to do it...

I don't know how long you've had your site John; and, whether or not you were even aware of the other company; but, if it were me, I'd be looking into changing my domain and company name... Otherwise, you could easily get caught up in one heck of a mess... Please, don't get rid of the song on your web site - it's great!!!

These were my comparison notes; but, I'll leave them here. Obviously, 2 totally different sites/companies, in opposite ends of the country:

PGL site and info: www.projectgreenlife.com 1-888-349-9428 2011 Project GreenLife | 2533 N Carson St. Ste 1991, Carson City, NV 89706 | (775) 636-7423 PST (-7:00 GMT) Project GreenLife
A Private Healthcare Membership Association
2533 N Carson St Ste 1991
Carson City, NV 89706

John's MMSGL site and info: We are Called MMS Green Life www.mmsgreenlife.com , Florida USA, 561-339-1983
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28 Jan 2012 14:13 #11129 by alfernandes
MMS Suppliers in Brazil

• MMS Brazil

This supplier of MMS does not exist in Brazil. This site above directs you to sites in Italian and Bulgarian and non-Brazilian.
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30 Jan 2012 02:36 #11225 by Steve
Hello Everyone.
I have spoken with Bishop Mark Grenon, and we are going to update the suppliers list.
We will start on the USA suppliers as this will be the easiest on me.

I'm also going to be going through this thread, and I may delete superfluous posts.
I would like this thread to be easy to navigate and find information in.

The MMSwebsites site is now being redirected here, which means a lot of traffic hits this particular thread.
After discussion with Bruce, (thru Michael), and Mark, and some of the questionable posts of some vendors,
we have decided that posts advertising commercial ventures need to be moderated.

I would just start a whole new thread with a new list, but since the redirects are already in place, I will have to edit this one.
I would like to make this thread succinct, and only contain links to reputable people who provide Sacraments.

There will be a threads for vendor discussion, Vendor Ethics in the Church environment, Criteria for Links, and Rules about posting them.
Regular members are invited to join in.

If anyone has any comments, gripes, bitches or complaints, now is the time....
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