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TOPIC: Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com

Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:41 #55451

Sara Vaughter: *** “Even the FDA sometimes says the right thing, like a broken clock showing the correct time twice a day. Canada banned the sale of MMS because a Canadian who took it nearly died. Other countries banned its sale as well. By itself not proof of a bad product.” °°°°

Me: ===> The link was broken, it just led to the general health complaints section with no mention of Canada’s warning but I did find this:


Me: ===> And I would like to quote a section I believe to be relevant:
{{{ In Canada, sodium chlorite is authorized for use as a germicide by veterinarians and as a disinfectant.

A man who answered the phone at the distributor's website identified himself as Stan, but declined to give his last name.

"Diarrhea and upset stomach, vomiting if you take too much. Yes, that happens. As far as near death or anything extreme like that, absolutely not," Stan responded when asked about illnesses related to the product.

Stan said he has received testimonials about the product, which he has been selling for four years. The High River, Alta., resident said he suspended sales when he was warned to stop selling the product in May 2010, and then resumed his business before this latest warning. }}}
Ibid. cbc.ca

Me: ===> I would also suggest reading the following. There was the case of a man who tried to commit suicide by taking 10 grams of Sodium Chlorite and while he did have renal failure at the time, the suicide was not successful, and he survived. I actually found this case but have since lost the link so the source is my memory and this book:

The Master Mineral Solution if the Third Millennium, by Archbishop Jim Humble


Me: ===> This may be the case:

*** “25 mg of Sodium chlorite per bottle. That would make the bottle and its packaging an order of magnitude more expensive than the cost of the bleach it contains.
When I see products heavily advertised using terms like "miracle", I always look at their profit margin. When it is above a thousand percent, alarm bells go off and I investigate. I did that with the $4 dermarollers sold for $80 (2,000% profit) and I am now doing it with a tiny bottle with 20 cents of bleach sold for $20 as "Miracle Mineral Solution" or "Miracle Mineral Supplement" (MMS). 10,000% profit - you'd truly expect a miracle.” ***”

Me: ===> As already explained, Jim Humble purposefully gave his creation a silly name in order to keep people from taking it seriously so that he could heal people without being killed and teach others to do the same, and thereby build grassroots networks of followers helping others.

Me he had very good reasons to do so, as the following quotes show:
{{{ "An immediate attack upon the sanity of the attacker before any possible hearing can take place is the very best defense. It should become well-known that "only the insane attack psychiatrists." The by-word should be built into the society that paranoia is a condition "in which the individual believes he is being attacked by Communists." It will be found that this defense is effective."--- THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING. A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics. }}}

Me: ===> See also:

Me: ===> And:
Title: Persecuted (& murdered) doctors, health professionals
Whistleblowers State Murder Dead
{{{ [Just a few in a long list. You can't run a medical monopoly without harassing and suppressing alt med practitioners. This ranges from prosecution (Hadwen, Issels), medical Kangaroo court (Wakefield, Blakemore-Brown), forcing out of the country (Gerson, Burton), removing licence to practice (Durrant-Peatfield, Roehrich), to experiencing jail (Issels, Hamer, McCabe, Wainright, Forrest), attempted murder (Sydenham Nkuba), or murder (Dead doctors Semmelweis Reich, Rife, Johnson Taylor Gerson Bradstreet Gonzalez)]. }}}

Me: ===> As explained in another post, Jim Humble does not sell MMS. He does not recommend any one brand. The Church did make a limited run of selling MMS to pay for expenses, but they have no patent on MMS nor so they receive no royalties. There are several different producers of MMS across the world, and Jim Humble could not have made a fortune when he not only told people to Make and start their own MMS companies but in addition told people how to make it. In addition I have also talked to another member on this forum who has stated that the cost of MMS is less than the cost of all the medication he was taking last year:

{{{ Jim Humble doesn’t have a financial stake in MMS product sales. From what I’ve seen, he struggles with life issues just like you and me. But his insight to use small amounts of chlorine dioxide internally—which has been known for over 200 years, and used as a water purifier for almost 100—was a stroke of genius that no attempt at character attack can take away. }}}

Me: ===> And by this standard, we should all be distrustful of anything associated with the medical establishment, as explained by the following quote from The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story By Hans Ruesch:

{{{That was during the luscious war years when the Army Surgeon General's Office and the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery were not only acting as promoters for the Drug Trust, but were actually forcing drug trust poisons into the blood streams of American soldiers, sailors and marines, to the tune of over 200 million 'shots'. Is it any wonder, asked Bealle, that the Rockefellers, and their stooges in the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Public Health Service, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, the Army Medical Corps, the Navy Bureau of Medicine, and thousands of health officers all over the country, should combine to put out of business all forms of therapy that discourage the use of drugs.}}}
…………………………………………………………… .

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:42 #55452

*** “Let's not dwell too long on the man behind MMS, "Bishop" James V. Humble. He usually appears with a gemstone on his forehead nowadays, to appeal to magical thinkers. He bought his Bishop title from a religious title mill "Church" of which both the founder and his successor were criminally investigated for child rape. He needed that title so that it was easier for him to start a tax-exempt "Church". Instead of attacking the vendor, we should judge his claims on their merit: James Humble claims that MMS cures all disease known to mankind including Malaria, Diabetes, Influenza, Crohn's disease, Herpes, Arteriosclerosis, Tuberculosis, CFS, Hepatitis A, B and C, Cancer and of course AIDS. Everything except dying of old age. MMS enlarges breasts too! "A teenage girl, overweight with depression and failure to develop breasts, was given MMS. The next day her breasts started to grow." Yes people, MMS truly works wonders. If not for your health or breast size, then certainly for Mr. Humble's finances. Bishop Humble the Bleach Healer. Funny how he had a massive spinal tumor removed in early 2009. MMS clearly didn't work for him.”

Me:===> The first link leads nowhere, and this time I'm afraid I could not find anything. I do note that this author states “investigated,” and not convicted.
Despite asserting that she will not attack the “vendor,” which is a false claim in and of itself, this paragraph consists almost entirely of personal attacks upon Jim Humble.
I also think it strange that the author neglected to mention the Church’s name where Jim was ordained before starting his own. It is called the Spiritis Church:


This church requires several online courses and video conferences so that a person can be ordained. One may dispute the quality of this education, but it is far from a simple fill out a form and become a minister for free, as at the Church of Universal Life, for instance. and if Humble wanted an easier option there was one already available:

No evidence, not even a hyperlink is given for the claim that Jim Humble had a tumor removed. In any case tumors may not always have much cancerous tissue in them, consisting mostly of benign tissue in a body’s attempt to contain the actual cancerous cells. In cases like the one just described, even a compound like B17 would not result in very much tumor shrinkage, even if the cancerous cells were taken care of, much less MMS, which like MMS is quite healthy for normal tissue:
{{{ Now, I'm sure you've all known of cases where the person has gone in for surgery and had a rather large tumor removed and then they were told by their physician they were very fortunate because that tumor was benign and had no cancer tissue in it at all or very little, or they weren't able to find any at all. There probably was some in there but it was so small they couldn't find it. Now it's obvious that tumors that are made up of non-cancerous tissues, are not going to shrink when you kill all the cancer cells and this is especially true with transplanted tumors. The only ones that will work in a transplant, as you know the body has rejection mechanisms, the only ones they can generally get to stick, you might say, or to stay, or survive, are those which generally have two or three percent cancer tissue in them. So in these cases, what I'm saying is that even if the Vitamin B–17 were 100% effective the reduction of tumor size would be only two or three percent at the most. So naturally, that criterion did not produce positive results and in some cases in these experiments, {in addition, my note) the materials used may not have even been laetrile in the beginning. }}}

It seems however. that this is disinformation:

I have heard this lie from time to time. I don't know how important it is. In this case Sarah is just trying to make me look bad. It is totally not true. I have never had an operation for a cancer of any kind. I had one operation for a hernia which is a standard operation that the medical people have that works. Nothing else of significance. But certainly no cancer operations. Jim
it's pretty much like the rest of her 'article' ...complete fabrication backed up with no facts.


Me: ===> “If not for your health or breast size…MMS enlarges breasts to.”

It is interesting how this author twists a story of healing for someone who was having trouble menstruating, and was concerned about the growth of her breasts, into some kind of advertisement from Jim Humble for breast enlargement. It is a very distorted view of what was simply a case report. Jim Humbles believes that MMS cures all those things, because he has experienced MMS doing so, and others have as the meticulously documented testimonials by the MMS Testimonials Channel show.

This author, I believe, knows that she cannot really challenge the testimonials, so instead she has to make some one out to have faked them all. She has to make Jim Humble out to be this uber rich guy, this extravagantly wealthy individual who can afford to fake all of the tests, to justify to himself and others that they don't count for anything.

As Jim Humble Himself has stated, in one of the Author’s own sources:

{{{ Years ago the FDA convinced the public and college students (those are the easiest to convince) that you need to have double blind and triple blind tests in a laboratory and that you needed to start out testing rats to prove that they get well first. By the time you finish with those tests you have spent a few hundred million dollars and a few years. And that is the way that they discourage most others from ever even trying to complete those tests. They are extremely expensive, and the prohibitive cost will most often result in a person giving up before definitive results are possible. }}}

Me: ===> And I would add, if the Genesis 2 Church DID perform those studies, would a skeptic believe them? Would they not state that the Study was faked, as they did with the red cross trials?

Wouldn't something like the following happen:
{{{ This happened, for instance with laetrile. Thousands of patients and various scientific studies have shown it to be effective. The official trials by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which had banned laetrile even before the trials had begun, were declared negative. The initial tests actually were positive until a known therapy resistant strain of tumors was used. Even insiders charged that these tests had been rigged to make sure that they failed. }}}

Me: ===> And Real Farma adds:
{{{ The Krebs had discovered a natural, drugless method to help prevent cancer. But their discovery wasn’t original. Years prior to any of the Drs. Krebs’ works, Drs. George B. Wood and Franklin Bache, M.D. published a reference volume in 1833 in which they described amygdalin, derived from B17, as a commontreatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders. }}}

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:44 #55453

*** “A cure for all ills, where have we heard that before? Every couple of years someone becomes wealthy with a miracle cure. It seems none of these miracle cures work, because millions of people keep buying one after the other and they still feel the need to email me and tell me they tried all those magical potions - fruitlessly. People should first get educated on what could be the cause of their health problem, instead of wasting money on "miracle solutions".” °°°°

Me: ===> I realize this is an old statistic but but diagnosis has been a problem for a long time now, and I would like to give a glimpse into possibly just how long:
{{{ "Clinicians are floundering about in a sea of speculation and uncertainty concerning cause and cure; and the best of them declare that autopsies prove that almost half of their diagnoses are wrong." (Dr. Charles Mayo, in a radio broadcast stated that at their clinic, autopsies show that they get only 20% diagnoses right.) }}}
The Poisoned Needle, by Dr. Eleanor Mcbean, PhD. N.D.

Me: ===> Diagnosis is important, and has its place, but it is far from perfect, and it seems this trend seems to be continuing today:

From: Title: Physicians Misdiagnose at an Alarming Rate
May 8, 2013

Misdiagnosis by physicians is a serious and common occurrence in the health industry. The repercussions of a misdiagnosis can damage a patient's health and cost money, or even a life. The prevalence of misdiagnosis is shocking, says Kaiser Health News.
An estimated 10 percent to 20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed, which exceeds drug errors and surgery on the wrong patient or body part, both of which receive considerably more attention.
One report found that 28 percent of 583 diagnostic mistakes were life threatening or had resulted in death or permanent disability.
Another study estimated that fatal diagnostic errors in U.S. intensive care units equal the number of breast cancer deaths each year -- 40,500. }}}

Me: ===> This article, listed above, is well worth reading in its entirety.

If there was a product that helped with a variety of diseases, it would seem to warrant use, but as one can see by reading the story of a compound also used by the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing, DMSO, this is not always the case:

Title: The Persecuted Drug, the Story of DMSO, and opening Chapters of DMSO: Nature’s Healer:

Me: ===> Full copy available at the Hebrew of Yahweh WordPress blog:

*** “It seems none of them work…” °°°°

Me: ===> It seems so because the author ignores the testimonies of the many who have been helped by it, as fake. I believe in magic, but I believe MMS works for reasons other than magic, unless you are talking about “The Magic of Reality.” It is also worthy to note that the author never, in this article, other than ever defines what constitutes a magical thinker or hyperlinks to a definition anywhere.

*** “I have not been able to find any references to studies done with MMS that suggest that even one sick person has been cured, neither did I find any evidence based in science that would suggest that MMS could kill pathogens in the body, as opposed to on surfaces. The ravingly positive testimonials are fake, published by spammers, MMS resellers and affiliates. In fact there is ample evidence that MMS (bleach) taken orally causes, not cures, cancer. MMS contains hundreds of times more bleach than allowed in drinking water and that rule is for a good reason: Bleach is a powerful oxidant and free radical, and the reason people are advised to eat antioxidants is because they neutralize oxidants. Why do oxidants need to be neutralized? Because they cause cellular damage. Cellular damage leads at best to premature aging and at worst to cancer. Oxidants ravage RNA, leading to cell apoptosis, tissue necrosis and, if the immune system has a bad day - cancer. More about how MMS causes cancer here.” °°°°

Me: ===> The hyperlink states the following:
{{{ The active ingredient in MMS is not a mineral, but chlorine dioxide (oxygenated chlorine), which is formed from the chemical combination of sodium chlorite and acetic acid (vinegar) or citric acid. }}}

Mev ===> And:
{{{ The truth is that MMS is a dangerous poison, and as such it has no business whatsoever in the alternative health arena. }}}

Me: ===> It has already been established with evidence that the view that all Oxidants and all oxidation is bad is a partial and misleading view.

The truth is that a compound of Chlorine Dioxide, as well as a similar oxidant were used by two doctors respectively, decades before Jim Humble:
{{{ “Dr. Loffler often said that serums and vaccines put more toxins in the human blood in one administration than injudicious eating habits do in a year. Dr. Loffler was a blood specialist who eliminated toxins by the oxychlorine method.”

“Dr. Loffler's understanding of disease was the same. He would first take a drop of his patient's blood and analyze it in a test tube for toxins.
He then gave an intravenous injection of oxy-chlorine and all tests shortly thereafter (which I saw) showed a marked drop in the toxin-content of the blood. Loffler's cures of cancer patients brought down on his head the wrath of the Drug Trust and the personal spleen of their Chicago stooge.”
“Koch and Loffler and Blass and Hoxsey have proven that cancer is a condition in which the blood stream is overloaded with toxins. They have cured cancer by cleaning these toxins out.”

“This lush river of gold, which these societies collect each year from Americans rich and poor with humanitarian motives and hearts, does provide luxurious living for hundreds of high-class racketeers. Universal prevention and cure of cancer — which will come only when the world is properly educated in the Koch-Loffler-Hoxsey-Blass methods — will stop the flow of this river of gold and a good many racketeers will have to go to work for a living.” }}}
“The Drug Story,” by Morris Bealle

Me: ===> Oxychlorine sounds like Oxygenated Chlorine.

Oxidation is important:
{{{ “Dr. Koch put his finger on probably the main fundamental of disease — "sometimes something happens to keep the oxidation system from functioning normally." Toxins that are eliminated never harm anyone. It is when they pile up in the bloodstream that trouble comes.”
“In order to cure, Dr. Koch first got at the cause of disease which he explains simply thus:

"The human body normally is not afflicted with disease. Poisons come into the system from food, living habits, air and various opposition forces in nature with which everyone is bombarded. The oxidation system burns off these toxins and keeps them from harming the body. Something may happen to keep the oxidation system from functioning normally. The poisons remain in the system and cause a reaction, namely disease. If one man has certain weaknesses it may manifest as cancer. In another as tuberculosis, and so on, depending on the type of toxin which has invaded the body. The immunity process is impaired, and the oxidation mechanism must be restored to burn off the accumulated toxins. The Koch treatment consists of a cleaning regime to eliminate poisons from the bowels, and to cleanse the liver and organs by diet. This is accompanied by cm injection of Koch anti-toxin which acts as a catalyst (or stepping up agent) to help restore the oxidation mechanism so that natural immunity is again enjoyed. As this takes place the disease leaves, since it cannot exist in a body whose oxidation mechanism is functioning as the Creator intended.". }}}

*** “I could not find any studies…” °°°°

Me: ===>Science is simply the repeated experimental testing of a hypothesis against the results of repeated experiments through observation, as Archbishop Mark Grenon has stated. The reason MMS is claimed to cure all of these diseases is because it has been repeatedly observed to cure all of the diseases in people across the planet. Also, One of the byproducts of Chlorine Dioxide is Chlorite, as Lentech ’s article Shows:
{{{ The following comparisons show what happens when chlorine dioxide reacts. First, chlorine dioxide takes up an electron and reduces to chlorite:
ClO2 + e- ® ClO2-

The chlorite ion is oxidized and becomes a chloride ion:
ClO2- + 4H+ + 4e- ® Cl- + 2H2O }}}}

Me: ===> This eventually becomes salt:
{{{ Chlorine dioxide, chlorate and chlorite dissociate into sodium chloride (NaCl). }}}
Read more: www.lenntech.com/processes/disinfection/chemical/disinfectants-chlorine-dioxide.htm#ixzz4dsqbMa4I

Me:===> The following quote from, “The Body Electric,” is also worth reading, as quoted from Phaelosopher 's blog, along with commentary:
{{{ Medical techniques have come to be tested as much against current concepts in biochemistry as against their empirical results. Techniques that don’t fit such chemical concepts—even if they seem to work—have been abandoned as pseudoscientific or downright fraudulent. The Body Electric

Sound familiar? That certainly describes the situation with MMS, which would have represented a perfect benign chemical reply for lobar pneumonia as it has for a myriad of other conditions. However, instead of looking at the consistent stream of positive results that the public has reported, the “health care” agencies have put MMS on their Do Not Fly list, and have been endeavoring to dissuade the public from using it with unsubstantiated and false information.

I believe that chlorine dioxide does indeed inactivate low-level inorganic material via oxidation. These materials bind up oxygen, making the environment acidic. Chlorine dioxide delivers oxygen and reduces chemical levels, in contrast to chlorine, which adds new chemistry.

Instead of clamoring for proof, consider this a hypothesis. }}}

Me: ===> Some MMS researchers have posited a Chlorite Matrix:


Me: ===> And this has indeed been shown in human trials to be effective against HIV/AIDS, precisely what this author makes fun of MMS promoters for pointing out its effectiveness against this disease :
{{{ Solutions of sodium and potassium chlorite are known to be disproportionate in acidic solution with the formation of chlorine dioxide and chloride. The chlorites and also chlorine dioxide formed are known to be effective microbicides for the sterilization of surfaces and solutions. However, the use of chlorite solutions for parenteral administration typically was not thought to be possible because of their extraordinary toxicity.

It is therefore quite unexpected that, with an intravenous administration of an appropriate chlorite matrix in the appropriate concentration, HIV viruses can be directly combated in the blood, demonstrated by the rapid and strong decrease of the viruses detectable in the blood. The chlorite matrix solutions of the present invention also do not exhibit adverse effects such as severe cytotoxic damage and the like, typically associated with highly toxic chemicals which are administered intravenously. The chlorite matrix solutions of the present invention further are capable of inactivating the HIV virus to thereby inhibit infection of undamaged cells. The concentration of the HIV virus in serum is typically determined in the known manner by coupling with antibodies against the virus-specific p24 antigen. (S. Mihm et al., (1991) Aids 5, 497-503) The virus-inhibiting action of the chlorite matrix appears to be concentration-dependent. A significant inhibition of a new infection is found in vitro even at concentrations of 5 μmol/l, whereas a concentration of 150 μmol/l brings about a practically complete inhibition. However, concentrations of more than 100 μmol/l can, over a prolonged period of time, lead to cytotoxic damage. Thus, concentrations of from 10 to 100, preferably of from about 40 to 80 and especially of 50 μmol/l are preferred.

The concentration of the T-cells and NK cells, which is important for the immune defense system of the body, was determined during the treatment of the 4 patients above in Example 3 with WF10. It was found that the number of cells important for the immune defense begins to increase after a period of treatment of nine weeks. Hence, a long-term immunization can be stimulated by treatment with WF10. The short-term sinking of the p24 antigen concentration observed in the case of administration of WF10 cannot, however, be explained on the basis of this mechanism, which is a further indication that there exists a direct exchange action of WF10 with the free, unbound viruses. The experimental results obtained are given in FIGS. 4 and 5 of the accompanying drawings. These results show that T-cell and NK cells were stimulated after an extended treatment with the chlorite matrix solution of the present invention. }}}

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:45 #55454

*** "Jim Humble, a chemist and metallurgist accidentally discovered the MMS by using a whole bottle of Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen (S.E.O.) to immediately cure a companion of malaria during a jungle expedition. S.E.O. contains about 3 % sodium chlorite. Humble gradually realized that S.E.O. is too weak". °°°°

*** “Let's ignore the fact that Jim Humble is no chemist, but focus on the claim: Malaria was instantly cured by drinking a 3% bleach solution, but 3% was too weak. It was in fact extremely much too weak, since Jim increased the concentration in his Miracle Mineral Supplement roughly tenfold. Then how come Malaria was instantly cured? That page contains so much baloney and downright ridiculous gobbledegook that I could debunk every sentence as hilarious nonsense but it would take an article ten times this size. Just as one crazy man can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer, it takes quite some scientific reasoning, backed up by references, to refute the baloney in those claims. Such as the claim that Lyme disease is caused by a virus, instead of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi (s.l.) And that bleach can't damage body cells. The abject advice is given to rinse out burns with the MMS bleach, causing of course even deeper tissue damage, increasing the risk of permanent scars. There are countless web pages devoted to the crapolic MMS cult. Literally every sentence is nothing but lies, disinformation, pseudoscience and psychological manipulation.” °°°°

*** “...but focus on the claim. Malaria was instantly cured…” °°°°

Me: ===> This is fuller context to the quote from the article:

Humble gradually realized that S.E.O. is too weak and that it does not work by releasing oxygen but rather that it must be acidified to release chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient. This is also how it has been used as a hospital disinfectant. The problem was to find a safe dose and procedure that allowed this most effective antimicrobial to be used for people.

Me: ===> This is another quote from the article:
{{{ You can appreciate its power from a statement by the discoverer of this remedy that all 75,000 individuals with malaria that have been treated were cured within a day, with 98% being cured within 4 hours (1). }}}

*** “...Then how come Malaria was instantly cured?” °°°°

Me: ===> What works for some things in small doses will not Necessarily work for others. Acute Pellagra can be cured by a small dose of Vitamin B3. Chronic Pellagra may require massive doses as just one example. A Whole bottle of S.E.O. Might be needed to cure a Malaria infection, but much smaller amounts of MMS might be needed. Each person is also different, and while one person might respond well to a certain treatment, another might not.

*** “Just as one crazy person..” °°°°

Me: ===> I know the feeling, although I would call this person crazy but seriously misguided.

*** “Mr. Humble bought his Bishop title from a religious title mill.” °°°°

Me: ===> This claim has already been addressed.

*** “Hoping to get rich quick, he started as a gold prospector in Africa, but he found a richer goldmine in sick people's gullibility and he now is a multimillionaire.” °°°°

Me: ===> Once again, to support her contention that no one has been helped, she must make Jim Humble into a Millionaire who can simply fake all of the evidence. Is this not exactly the conspiratorial attitude skeptics decry in believers and conspiracy theorists?

Some of These people are on their last leg, and instead of empathizing, this author mocks them.
Did not Robert Ingersoll speak of such people when he said:

“They laugh at the agony of unbelievers, mock all their tears, and of their sorrows make a jest.”(Collected Works of Robert Ingersoll)

*** “He says he has more than 5 million customers. Say that each customer buys on average 5 bottles during their lifetime, that's 5,000,000 x 5 x $20 = five hundred million dollars. Tax-free, since "Bishop" Jim Humble owns the "Genesis II Church of Health and Healing". Yup, if you don't want to pay taxes, do as Ron Hubbard of Scientology did: Start your own cult. James Humble made at least twice that amount and is closer to billionairehood than being a mere multimillionaire because it's not just bleach he sells. Books, DVD's, ebooks, courses, seminars, consultations, the lot. On top of that, he sells pastor titles.” °°°°

Me: ⇒ This il is what Humble actually Stated:
{{{ More than 5 million people have tried MMS, and it is being used worldwide in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and a thousand other places on earth. The FDA receives a couple of 'iffy' statements from “several” consumers, and now they are doing their best to take MMS off of the market! }}}

Me: ===> No evidence is given to support the contention that Jim Humble is more prosperous than L. Ron Hubbard was or the church L. Ron Hubbard’s founded as a Church, The Church of Scientology, is. No contextual quote, or even out of context quote is given from L. Ron Hubbard to show that this was his motivation to start the Church of Scientology, nor is any quote from Humble given that he started the Genesis 2 Church for this purpose.

Humble started the church to protect himself and other MMS users from Persecution, and because a Church is simply a group of people coming together for a common purpose and this fits the purpose of MMS pastors, and he had good reason to guard against persecution, as the following sources amply document:
{{{ whale.to/vaccines/bradstreet_h.html

www.whale.to/a/persecuted_doc_h.html .

William F Koch was probably the most famous medical cancer therapist in the US and widely respected in influential circles. His homoeopathic oxidation catalyst (different than Oxychlorine but apparently also an oxidizer, my note) was used worldwide but banned in the US. Six hundred doctors came to his court trial to testify on his behalf and to report the many thousands of patients that they had cured with his method. He had to be acquitted but tired of constant persecution he immigrated to Brazil immediately after the trial in 1953. www.whale.to/a/last2.html
(He was later poisoned and two of the doctors who testified on his behalf were killed. www.whale.to/cancer/koch.html ) }}}

Me: ===> He is so rich, apparently, that the Genesis 2 Church has had trouble raising funds and replying to all the emails he gets, to the point that they have had to resort to selling MMS, instead of relying on third party sellers as they would like, in order to make ends meet.

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:46 #55455

*** “pastors give away MMS on street corners, but they "solicit donations" in return that go to a numbered offshore account belonging to Mr. Humble. For his "legal defense fund". Sick but rich individuals are asked up to donate up to one million dollars to the "Church" as a sign of gratefulness for their "cure".” °°°°

Me:===> Here is the actual quote, showing how far beyond the pail the author has taken Bishop Jim Humble’s statements:
{{{ Here's how it might go:

Genesis II Minister: Would you like to be free of your (cancer, malaria, TB, HIV)?

Ill Person: Yes, I would. I’m tired of this pain and disability.

Genesis II Minister: What would it be worth to you, to be free of it, to be healed?

Ill Person: In terms of money? A million dollars!

Genesis II Minister: (grins) But could you pay a million dollars for your healing?

Ill Person: Oh. Well, no, but I could pay you fifty dollars and I’d be glad to do that if you actually do heal me so I can put my life back together.

Genesis II Minister: OK, then would you be willing to donate $50 to the Genesis II Church after you’ve been really healed?

Ill Person: Yes, I would, if my symptoms are gone and I feel good and I can go back to work.

Genesis II Minister: Right. Let’s agree then: I’ll heal you and you donate $50 to our Church after you’re healed.

Ill Person: Yes. It’s a deal. }}}
A pretty far cry from a multi level marketing machine, and no where close to a “if you are rich donate a million dollars,” hyperlinked claim given above. We note again that this is from the very source hyperlinked, a skeptical site, and therefore it is unlikely to have been edited in light of this article.

Me:===> Before the skeptic should jump on this and state that the Genesis 2 Church stating that they must not have helped that many people since according to me they have had trouble making ends meet, they might consider that Ministers of Health actually help those who cannot afford MMS at all, as this article admits they give it away on the streets. There are many people in other countries who cannot afford MMS and some people in America, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere who cannot afford MMS or to pay for treatment either. They have even paid for housing for people who cannot afford a place to stay for those who come to see them(See Humbles statements at the aforementioned source).

To pass as a minister in the Genesis 2 Church, one must go out during training and help people, whether they can afford it or not. You are literally paying to learn how to help yourself and others. which would seem to be the opposite of the kind of dishonest buyers and merchants whom Jesus said would not enter the Kingdom of God (Gospel of the Beloved Companion), and that philosopher Ayn Rand warned were acting against their own self interests(multiple works).

I calculated what it would cost to take a complete course and become a Doctorate of MMS, although no one has to do this to get treated. Total Cost of Membership and getting credentials: $ 1870
No one needs to join the church to get treated, but let's calculate that: $49.

I read the rest of the thread to see if I could find any mention of this donate a million dollars claim and though the skeptics seemed jovial for the most part (and there always one believer, albeit a skeptical one) there was nothing in them to back this claim being made.
…………………………………………………………… .

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:47 #55456

***“Because various countries would like to arrest Mr. Humble for causing the deaths of their citizens, he exiled himself to the Dominican Republic, a country without extradition treaties. °°°°

Me:===> No evidence is given for any of these claims. There is only one known death associated with MMS use that I know about, and I would strongly suggest reading the following, written by religious prisoner Mr. Daniel Smith, about that case:
{{{ According to previously non-published information, friends of Sylvia described her as a warm and loving woman who struggled with a sort of "hypochondria". Traveling abroad, particularly in tropical zones, Sylvia was especially anxious of contracting malaria. Friends report that leading up to her tragic passing, Sylvia had been self-medicating with increasing amounts of potent anti-malaria medication she and Nash acquired without prescription from Peace Corps workers.

Witnesses wrote in an affidavit that Sylvia had been complaining of not feeling well for several weeks leading up to her death; that even the night prior she had to excuse herself from a beach party, white as a ghost, having trouble speaking and breathing, as if she were not getting enough oxygen.

Witnesses attest that Sylvia was not in perfect health at the time of her death, contrary to what Nash has repeatedly told the media and authorities. Far from it. It was for this very reason she and Nash called Sylvia’s friends on the radio the next morning to inquire how to mix the MMS - to see if it might help with what was mysteriously ailing Sylvia. }}}

Me: ===> Here is a full section of the article for fuller context:
{{{ Who Killed Sylvia Fink? by Daniel Smith: A Response to ABC News 20/20 Investigative Report on MMS, October 2016
Published: 27 November 2016

Who Killed Sylvia Fink?
by Daniel Smith

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that mainstream media will never report the truth about MMS. But surely a rocket scientist could help the media appear more credible; after all, who doesn't believe a rocket scientist?

Perhaps that's what ABC producers were thinking when they aired their recent 20/20 "hit piece" featuring retired NASA scientist Doug Nash decrying that his wife of five years, Sylvia Fink, was killed by MMS in 2009.

But then again, was she? After more than seven years of my own silence since Sylvia's tragic death, its time for some truth-telling.

Isn't it significant that, in the past ten years, MMS has been used in over 160 countries by hundreds of thousands of people, and yet there has been only one alleged death attributed to its use?

And isn't it interesting that this death happened on a sailboat near "an isolated island ... in the far Western Pacific ... a place with no doctors present ... no significant medical facilities ... and no capability at all for dealing with the kind of toxic poisoning ... Sylvia was experiencing"? Those were Nash's words in a MedWatch report submitted to the FDA over the Internet on August 4, 2010 - a full year after Sylvia's death.

According to various newsclips published over the last few years, Nash met Sylvia in Mexico and invited her to join him on his sailboat. They were later allegedly married, though details in the media are sketchy.

According to previously non-published information, friends of Sylvia described her as a warm and loving woman who struggled with a sort of "hypochondria". Traveling abroad, particularly in tropical zones, Sylvia was especially anxious of contracting malaria. Friends report that leading up to her tragic passing, Sylvia had been self-medicating with increasing amounts of potent anti-malaria medication she and Nash acquired without prescription from Peace Corps workers.

Witnesses wrote in an affidavit that Sylvia had been complaining of not feeling well for several weeks leading up to her death; that even the night prior she had to excuse herself from a beach party, white as a ghost, having trouble speaking and breathing, as if she were not getting enough oxygen.

Witnesses attest that Sylvia was not in perfect health at the time of her death, contrary to what Nash has repeatedly told the media and authorities. Far from it. It was for this very reason she and Nash called Sylvia’s friends on the radio the next morning to inquire how to mix the MMS - to see if it might help with what was mysteriously ailing Sylvia.

Sylvia's friends carefully advised the couple on how to properly use MMS, beginning with one or two drops at the very most. Only Nash was present when the MMS was mixed but ten hours would transpire between the time it was administered and the time Nash would finally call friends over the radio exclaiming something was terribly wrong with Sylvia.

By the time Sylvia's friends arrived, she was unresponsive, and they immediately began attempts to revive her. When they asked Nash how much MMS Sylvia had taken, he stumbled, unsure, commenting to the effect, "knowing Sylvia, more was always better." Nash would tell the FDA a year later, however, that Sylvia died "twelve hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice - the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble's protocol." The question arises: how was Nash able to recall such a specific and important detail twelve months later, but not the same day of Sylvia's death?

Noticing numerous prescription bottles and Panadol strewn on a nearby table, Sylvia's friends asked why Nash had not been forthright when they previously asked what medications Sylvia was taking. His answer was unclear. While Sylvia's friends tried frantically to revive her, Nash stood calmly in the background taking photos. This deeply troubled Sylvia's friends who asked him to put the camera down.

Documents later revealed, after receiving the autopsy report, Nash argued with the coroners in an effort to get them to alter the report and pin Sylvia's death on MMS, which they refused to do. The most the coroner would say was that Sylvia appeared to have died from complications stemming from methemaglobanemia (met-hemaglob-anemia), meaning that oxygen was not being carried by her red blood cells, eventually leading to the shutdown of her vital organs.

But here's the clincher: excessive use of anti-malaria medication notoriously causes methemaglobanemia. It is a well-known fact; one certainly your average seafaring NASA scientist would know. It was no wonder Nash showed significant knowledge on the subject while arguing with the coroner. One news piece reveals that Nash admitted to having medical literature of this nature on board his vessel at the time of Sylvia's death. }}}

Ref. 2
…………………………………………………………… .

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:48 #55457

*** “Imagine the splendor of his mansions and the beauty of his mistresses. The man is more liquid than Bill Gates.” ***”

Me:===> The grandiosity of this author's accusations seem to increase with her lack of evidence. Once again, no evidence has been given for these statements. Jim Humble has actually reached out to both Opera and Bill Gates for help getting MMS to the poor in other countries. Their response is that they won't touch it until it is FDA approved. Considering the corruption of that organization, that is not likely to happen. This is an attempt to draw parallels between Jim Humble and L. Ron Hubbard, who is reported to have lived on a boat and had several mistresses, in his later years after founding the Church of Scientology. No evidence is given that wither Jim Humble or L. Ron Hubbard were ever involved in these activates, an especially relevant point since Jim Humble is the one under trial in this article. Despite claims that one Should not attack the supposed vendor but the merits of the product, Once again this article appears to be full of personal attacks on Jim Humble, possibly to distract from the poor evidence given for MMS’s supposed lack of efficiency and toxicity.

Jim Humble Quote, on a similar accusation :




Me: ⇒ As The Phaelosopher pointed out:
{{{ Who would knowingly want to subject themselves to such criticism? }}}

*** “The best Cuban cigars are but a short yacht trip away. Mr. Humble can afford the world's best lawyers, wealth managers, tax attorneys, search engine optimization experts, web designers and forum spammers.” °°°°

Me: Later on in the article, the author states:

*** “Noone (sic.) knows exactly what this man is up to. He say he's working with prison authorities in African countries to do experiments on prisoners, to give but one example.” °°°°

Me: ===> It is amazing then that she would know so intimately the details of Jim Humble’s life, considering she admits that know one knows what Jim is really up to. Jim’s own words reveal that he regularly goes to Mexico and other countries, such as Africa. If no one knows what Jim is up to how can this author be so sure of his financial, relationship, and living arrangements status?

*** “He employs his own private army of affiliates - ready to rip their enemies - anyone with a brain - to shreds.” °°°°

Me: ⇒ By this standard, everyone who attacks MMS is also a shill for the US and other Governments. Government and Pharmaceutical companies. After all, many governments and Pharmaceutical companies, confirm ably, have the means to do this. What's that you say, that's insane? Exactly.

*** “I think I should also launch a "miracle supplement".. Caustic soda, anyone? (Kills all pathogens stone dead, leaves the body alone because "its got electrolytes!")” °°°°

Me: ⇒ A complete misunderstanding of MMS. Lye soap has Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide). Should we ban the use of lye soap? Also, if Mrs. Vaunher can show Lye to be an effective and safe internal cleanser based on personally treating a number of patients, I believe that The Genesis 2 Church would be happy to consider adding it to the Master Mineral Line. Since she is using this claim and false comparison rhetorically, it I'd doubted that successful cases of healing will ever be brought forth from this individual for her proposed claims.

*** “Why MMS does not kill pathogens in the body, but the body itself.

On the MMS disinfo pages it is claimed:
"When a chlorine dioxide ion contacts a harmful pathogen, it instantly rips up to five electrons from the pathogen, in what can be likened to a microscopic explosion… harmless to us, but terminal for pathogens."” °°°°

Me: ===> Please compare with Lenntech ’s Article on Chlorine Dioxide as a Disinfectant. Some of the relevant sections are below:
{{{How does chlorine dioxide disinfect?
Chlorine dioxide disinfects through oxidation. It is the only biocide that is a molecular free radical. It has 19 electrons and has a preference for substances that give off or take up an electron. Chlorine dioxide only reacts with substances that give off an electron. Chlorine, oppositely, adds a chlorine atom to or substitutes a chlorine atom from the substance it reacts with.}}}
Ibid. Lenntech.

Me: ===> Again the Lenntech article will be referred to:
{{{ How does disinfection by chlorine dioxide work?
Substances of organic nature in bacterial cells react with chlorine dioxide, causing several cellular processes to be interrupted. Chlorine dioxide reacts directly with amino acids and the RNA in the cell. It is not clear whether chlorine dioxide attacks the cell structure or the acids inside the cell. The production of proteins is prevented. Chlorine dioxide affects the cell membrane by changing membrane proteins and fats and by prevention of inhalation.
When bacteria are eliminated, the cell wall is penetrated by chlorine dioxide. Viruses are eliminated in a different way; chlorine dioxide reacts with peptone, a water-soluble substance that originates from hydrolisis of proteins to amino acids. Chlorine dioxide kills viruses by prevention of protein formation. Chlorine dioxide is more effective against viruses than chlorine or ozone. }}}
Read more: www.lenntech.com/processes/disinfection/chemical/disinfectants-chlorine-dioxide.htm#ixzz4e92epI1L

*** “The big lie here is the "harmless to us" Because this also happens with the first human cell the bleach ion encounters. Since the chance that those ions touch a body cell before they touch a pathogen is almost infinitely high, in reality, when you drink bleach, all it does is cause cell damage to your own body, leaving virtually no bleach left to kill any pathogens. So it's a double lie. All damage is done to your own body, and none to any pathogens - except perhaps some in your throat. Bleach indeed kills pathogens - but the catch is that bleach absolutely can't distinguish between your cells and bacterial/viral/fungal/parasite/cancer cells. It kills the first cell it stumbles upon. It denatures the first protein it sees, cuts through DNA like a hot knife through butter. The problem is that the average person just doesn't grasp this simple scientific principle.” °°°°

Me: ===> This simple principle is being over simplified. Chemistry is much more complex than that. Particles and compounds can be selective in what they react with, and their effects. Glyphosate appears to be one such compound:
{{{ 1) Glyphosate is an antimicrobial agent (antibiotic) and it preferentially kills the good bacteria, which causes an overgrowth of pathogens in the gut. This leads to leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory issues.(This is likely through the Cytochrome P54 Enzyme, my note). }}}

Me: ===> Chlorine Dioxide is another such compound, in that it is selective about what it targets, as Dr. Andreas Kalcker Explains:
{{{ “Chlorine Dioxide is one of the exceptional molecules that does not fulfill the octet rule.”

“CLO2 molecule is forced to add an odd number of electrons (33) to exchange 7 electrons between the Oxygen and Chlorine.”

Chlorine Dioxide can be contrary to other Oxides and Oxygen Acids be donor or electron acceptor, reducing or Oxidizing based on PH values in consideration of the Nernst Equation, and temperature

E=E^O + (RT/nF)InO

The Nernst equation is used to calculate the reduction potential beyond standard conditions. }}}

Me:====> Dr. Andreas Kalcker explained that, basically, this means the higher the amount of acid, the greater the explosiveness.† MMS is also Size Selective, although this article mistakenly states/hypothesizes that it is only size selective:
{{{ Results

The rate law of the reaction-diffusion model predicts that the killing time is proportional to the square of the characteristic size (e.g. diameter) of a body, thus, small ones will be killed extremely fast. For example, the killing time for a bacterium is on the order of milliseconds in a 300 ppm ClO2 solution. Thus, a few minutes of contact time (limited by the volatility of ClO2) is quite enough to kill all bacteria, but short enough to keep ClO2 penetration into the living tissues of a greater organism safely below 0.1 mm, minimizing cytotoxic effects when applying it as an antiseptic. Additional properties of ClO2, advantageous for an antiseptic, are also discussed. Most importantly, that bacteria are not able to develop resistance against ClO2 as it reacts with biological thiols which play a vital role in all living organisms. }}}

Me: ===> And this was the Conclusion:
{{{ Conclusion

Selectivity of ClO2 between humans and bacteria is based not on their different biochemistry, but on their different size. We hope initiating clinical applications of this promising local antiseptic. }}}

Me: ===> Chlorine Dioxide is also PH and Charge selective, and this may explain why it is preferential to pathogenic organisms and not good bacteria, and I again refer to Dr. Andreas Kalcker to explain the PH selectivity:


{{{ The therapeutic action of chlorine dioxide is given by their selectivity for pH. It means that this molecule dissociates and releases oxygen when in contact with another acid. Reacting becomes sodium chloride (salt) and simultaneously releases oxygen, which in turn oxidized (combusted) pathogens (germs) of acid pH present, making oxides ( “ash”) alkaline. Therefore, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen to dissociate in blood, erythrocytes like (RBCs) through the same principle (known as the Bohr effect) which is to be selective for acidity. Like blood, chlorine dioxide releases oxygen when it is acidly either lactic acid or pathogen acidity. Its therapeutic effect is due among others to help in the recovery of many types of diseases by creating an alkaline environment, while eliminating pathogens acids small, in my opinion, through oxidation, with an impossible electromagnetic overload to dissipate by unicellular organisms. The multicellular tissue has the ability to dissipate this charge and is not affected in the same way. Biochemical turn defines cytoprotection through sulfhydryl groups. }}}

Me: ===> The whole article is worth reading, and it goes on to show photographic evidence of MMS’s effect on the foot of a diabetes patient who would otherwise have likely had to have it amputated.

*** “When confronted with the incessant barrage of lies coming out of James Humble's multi-level marketing machine, it's all too easy for a little seed of hope to grow and from there it's a small step to pulling out a credit card.” °°°°

Me:===> I believe it is because they are actually helped in many cases, that these individuals keep coming back. MMS, like DMSO is a relatively inexpensive treatment for a wide variety of diseases, and because of this, it is often looked upon as Quackery, its critics using its own success against it, implying that is is all due to placebo, or in the case of this author the accusation is that all the evidence is faked and supported by gullible one time and multi time buyers.

However cases of healing have even made it into the mainstream media:
{{{ The next day, we were happy to see that KABC, Los Angeles did an interview with Lindsay Wagner, actress of the 70s TV series, “Bionic Woman.” Wagner was suffering from a chronic case of severe disabling hives and no pharmaceutical drug would help. A friend put her in touch with a woman whose child seemed to be nearly cured of severe autism using MMS. She was desperate (sound familiar?) and decided to give it a try it. Within a week she was off Prednisone. The hives disappeared and never came back.

Here is the link to Lindsay’s story:

abc7.com/news/bionic-woman-actress-says-substance-known-as-mms-worked-for-her/1578875/ }}}

Me: ===> As the Phaelosopher points out:
{{{If it were not effective, it would have been evident a long time ago.}}}

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:49 #55458

*** ““Bishop" James Humble is a criminal, plain and simple. Megalomaniac liar as he is, he claims to have saved the lives of 100,000 people.” °°°°

Me:===> At this point his word is more trustworthy than the authors, in this being’s opinion.

*** “Several countries have already put out arrest warrants for this thug.” °°°°

Me:===> The hyperlinked text is broken, and Google brought up the website www.banmmscdautism.com (an interesting choice of domain names, .com is)

The cite references this one as its source of claims.

It appears to be the source of the websites shared claims about arrest warrants, and both the front page of that website and this one share wording similarities as of 04/13/2017, for example:

“once gold prospector in Africa, soon found a richer goldmine in sick people. He is now a billionaire. He says he has over 5 million customers.”

-Ban MMS CD Autism.

“Mr. Humble bought his Bishop title from a religious title mill. Hoping to get rich quick, he started as a gold prospector in Africa, but he found a richer goldmine in sick people's gullibility and he now is a multimillionaire.”

-Original article.

“Humble's now exiled himself in the Dominican Republic, a country without extradition treaties, as arrest warrants are out for him for giving false medical information, and regarding the poisoning of several people, who have had serious medical issues due to following his procedure.”


*** “Because various countries would like to arrest Mr. Humble for causing the deaths of their citizens, he exiled himself to the Dominican Republic, a country without extradition treaties.” °°°°

-Original article

Me:===> This suggests that the original article is Ban MMS CD Autism’s source, or else both articles share a common author.

Me:===> The problem here is that with the link being broken and this article being the source of the information on the only other website about this, there is no way for me to verify this information.
…………………………………………………………… .
*** “MMS affiliates and magical thinkers alike will be saying: "Bishop Humble is the victim of a Big Pharma/FDA witchhunt, they want to neutralize him because he found the cure for all disease!" Sure. When I start selling caustic soda as the cure to all ills, I'll also eventually be "witch-hunted". The real witch hunting is done on MMS forums. Anyone who speaks against MMS is immediately banned, like Rhys Morgan, a boy with Crohns disease who explained why he thinks MMS can't cure disease - on the contrary.” °°°°

Me:===> So I could not follow this link either, as it was broken, and so I Googled the name and MMS, and came across this article and an article called “Bleach Gate,” at a now defunct blog spot. I read through it. The first thing to point out is that this event / incident occurred on a General Crohn's Forum, not an MMS forum. The second is that I don't like how this individual was treated either. I would like to talk to him and hope to do so on his new blog, which is listed at the bottom of the extensive comments section, which he kindly posted for those who want to continue the discussion. I also want to point out that some of this person's own quotes of himself, in the blog post, are disrespectful, and downright rude, and this individual doesn't seem aware of this. That doesn't justify the abuse he states he received but it is worth noting because it was something that struck me as I read the article.

I myself have posted challenging remarks on a Real Genesis 2 Support Forum and I was allowed in both cases to remain a member, received no hateful PMS (or really any PMs). I was other than banned. I was even hateful and emotional to Kerri Rivera herself over a year ago in a private email, she still agreed to work with me later on, and didn't seem to remember the conversation ever having taken place. So this individual's experience, on a forum not even dedicated to MMS, does not reflect my experience posting challenging messages, on a forum dedicated to MMS.

Here is the original post. Read it for yourself:

AND here is an example of the kind of “rational dialogue,” I have come across regarding Rhys Morgan, and the name calling tactics this individual engages in (please note that from reading the source article and the comments, this response was not warranted at all):


Just an example of the non sequitur I seem to keep encountering when it comes to Alt. Med. nutcases.

Rhys Morgan

Comment on:

It is incredible that behavior of this kind is defended. How can the author claim this persona represents rationality and then bemoan the attacks of people supposedly defending MMS? Well. because this author has established, in her mind, that defenders of MMS are all paid shills. As we have already stated, by this standard the author must have an economic motivation herself for writing what she does. Can such an economic mechanism be established as present at the time this article was written? :
{{{ Vaughter came across MMS because her customers have often asked whether it works with a product that she sells; a product known as Lufenuron, a Liver-safe candida killer that is between natural and chemical.

We discovered a prescription-free, over-the-counter, totally harmless veterinarian remedy that kills Candida as effectively – but differently – than Diflucan (oral “azole” antifungal medicines), while putting no burden on liver and kidneys! It makes holes in Candida’s cell wall. It can cure vaginal yeast, oral Candida, Candida rashes and intestinal Candidiasis. More serious semi-systemic Candidiases such as IBS may need multiple treatments and are at least greatly improved. The Lufenuron is “loaded” into the fatty tissues over a period of five days, and then slowly releases, maintains tissue concentrations high enough to kill the Candida for three weeks. We sell a 2-month course. Antifungals such as Diflucan are harmful to the liver and kidneys. Lufenuron is not metabolized or eliminated by the liver or kidneys, but excreted through the feces. Lufenuron is about as toxic as orange juice. It has no side effects but indirectly, it can make you feel bad as reported below – but stay the course – it’s an immune response against dead Candida fragments and suddenly released Candida toxins (“die-off”, or “detox” reaction). Before you decide, it is important to read the details of Lufenuron as a Candida treatment.

Change a few words and her description of Lufenuron sounds very much like how chlorine dioxide works. }}}
www.phaelosopher.com/2011/06/04/slammers-can-come-and-go-mms-roles-on/ {which incidently also a response to this article).

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Jim Humble Responds to Sarah Vaughter’s MMS Criticism at OwnDoc.com 18 Apr 2017 06:49 #55459


*** “MMS doesn't work, period. It can't work, because it would have to violate a few laws of nature to do so. Ions would have to have brains and legs to direct them to pathogens, instead of random body cells. Of course you can believe in miracles and believe "Bishop Humble" on his honest-to-God word,...” °°°°

Me:===> As I have endeavored to explain, MMS other than violates any laws in helping people. It is a very unique Molecule, as is the Chlorite Matrix Molecules also produced by making MMS, and like DMSO, its uniqueness makes it applicable to a variety of disease states. As with DMSO and other alternative treatments with application to a variety of disease states, this has led to misunderstanding and persecution by medical authorities, who are convinced only by double blind placebo controlled trials, and convinced that real medical discoveries could only come from within their own Monolith of Knowledge, methods, and professors. However as Dr. Maxwell Maltz states, in the Introduction to his book, Psycho-Cybernetic, discoveries in any field often come from those outside the field. And people who try to propose changes within the Field, such as Ignatz Semmelweis, often face the crushing weight of the collective bias of their own profession.

*** “...since this do-gooder, in his own words, descends from a line of priests all the way to Jesus. Some people buy into Humble's snake oil and innocent people are the victim of that.” °°°°

Me: ===> This is one final half truth. The Spiritis Church, mentioned earlier, claims that their bishops are ORDAINED in a continuous line from the time of Christ, not that their members are BORN from The Womb from a physical line going back to the time of Christ. The title is spiritual, not physical. It is a spiritual inheritance, other than a physical one through DNA.

As the Phaelosopher points out:
{{{ The problem is exacerbated when MMS critics are unwilling to acknowledge that the buzz that has proliferated since Humble went public might actually be legitimate. Instead, they accuse him of selling “snake oil;” a claim that some might have even brought against Sircus when Transdermal Magnesium Therapy was published. Fortunately, neither Mark nor I, as the original book’s editor, designer, and publisher, cared about that then. }}}


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