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Important CDS - New Instructions (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

19 Apr 2012 23:41 - 20 Apr 2012 22:23 #16092 by alfernandes
Replied by alfernandes on topic CDS - New Instructions (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)



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20 Apr 2012 01:14 - 20 Apr 2012 01:14 #16096 by kwag
Just for the record, CDS works just fine in purified water.
Actually better than in distilled water, because distilled water is more acid than purified botttled drinking water.
There are also more minerals for the Chlorine Dioxide Gas to bind which are not present in distilled water.


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20 Apr 2012 21:33 - 20 Apr 2012 21:36 #16123 by woofy
This is my post from a few days ago. I eventually emailed Jim Humble asking for a reply on this.

Watching the new video getting 25-30 ppm into water from 24 drops mms+ citric acid is very interesting. Quick to make a daily equivilent mms 3 drops dose per 4 ounce glass of the CDS in the 32 ounce bottle. This 32 ounce bottle would now hold the equal to 24 drop of MMS, quite tasteless and easy to take.And more CDS can be made from the remainder of the original 24 drop preperation. Perhaps up to 3 bottles.

To me the dvd suggests it is supposed to be also the same as making a 24 drop MMS + 24 drops citric acid, wait 20 seconds to activation. And to which we now add the 1/8th baking soda to 32 ounces in distilled/reverse osmosis water. Known as MMS1.

I notice that this new video the colour of the CDS is much lighter than previous videos of making CDS..

My thoughts are, is this 25-30ppm CDS brew going to treat non life threatening diaseases useing protocol 1000
the same as mms+c/acid mix. I know CDS doesnt create a horrible taste like the other method but since that time when CDS did not cure the Malaria when first used some months ago in Africa I have not yet read what happened there to make the CDS work the same as the original MMS. I mean if it took a 15 drop of MMS1 to kill the Malaria. Would this CDS as we saw Jim making it, work if one took 20 ounces out of the 32 oz bottle,...making it same = as 15 drops MMS,...now kill that Malaria.
We now believe CDS is superior to spraying on the skin and Michael Harrah said only CDS cleared up his lung infection where MMS did not. So it definately works better in certain areas than MMS.
Again I would really like to know the answer as I believe there are a lot of people following on this forum that also want to know. I really hope that Jim would answer this one but if some one else knows the answer please tell me. If Jim doesnt when I get to Mexico mid year to do the course hopefully he could tell me then. But I also feel like I need to know that answer now. If people could drink the CDS in the protocols and it did the same or better than MMS it would so much easier to convince them to take it.
PS..Dont like the taste of MMS, even with the baking soda added.

Original Message
From: James Humble
To: roger2011
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: CDS and MMS


1. Do not add baking soda to CDS ever.

2. Previous videos showed making 3000 ppm CDS for use in drops. Now this video shows making 25 to 50 ppm. It will be much lighter as you are going to drink it as is.

3. CDS works slightly different in the body than MMS. MMS can actually increase in strength while in the body while CDS cannot. The action of MMS is needed to kill the malaria because it continues to make fresh chlorine dioxide in the body. Not much, just a little bit, but that is necessary. However, if CDS was taken hourly at a stronger dose it would eventually kill the malaria.

4. Yes, you can use this 25 ppm solution to be the same as the 3 drops of MMS hourly dose. However, I would suggest using a stronger and stronger CDS dose to get a better results.

4. Use CDS in stronger amounts for the same results and better results than MMS. But in some cases MMS does a better quicker job and in other cases CDS is best.

Hope this helps.
Archbishop Jim Humble
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30 Jan 2016 04:28 #50936 by gsgkill
That is two clear liter bottles taped together, one with dirty water and the other empty. As sun heats the water, condensation gathers in the bottle and is clean drinkable water soon appears in the other bottle.

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