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Question Hello I have some questions and need help.

30 Mar 2018 13:28 #58108 by Zorredo
Hello, my name is Jason. I have been battling what I believe to be herpes for about a year and 2 months. I did not find out that something was seriously wrong with until about 2 years ago. I strongly believe that God and his angels have been helping me all this time. Doctors didn't tell me that I had this I found out on my own with the help of some divine entity. Call me crazy if you wish but I know that I am not. I have done a ton of research on herpes and HIV/AIDs and I know that pretty much all std viruses are basically the same. They are all enveloped coated viruses that attack your cells and pretty much turns your own body against you. During this time I have found out about the venus fly plant and that it has the potential to eliminate aids virus. I found out about the venus fly trap plant on the radio being advertised through George Noory coast to coast.
I did not know at the time I had anything serious but I had started feeling constant pain in my left thigh that came to me when I woke up one morning and then it would not go away. I followed the procedure that carnivora has for people. That is the website name. I used pure venus flytrap extract with lymph drainage and DMSO solution. I gradually increased how many does of the plant extract through weeks at a time until I was taking 50 drops 2 or 3 times a day. I did get a lot better but I still had pain. Then I found out about apple cider vinegar and used pure lemon juice with it and honey. I did that three times a day and got even better but was still having some problems. I had discovered small bump right at the base of my spine and even noticed some bumps appeared on the back of my neck. One day one of those bumps broke open on the back of my neck. And I knew it was not a zit because it did not feel like one I had felt before. I put a drop of the venus fly trap on it and within seconds it shriveled up and was gone. I use all natural hygiene body washes and face cleansers. Been doing that for years. The bump at the base of my spine is now barely even felt and there is at least one bump on the back of my neck that seems like it has shrunk down quite a bit but it's been quite a nuisance and just won't go away no matter what I do. I have been having some weird ear problems during this whole time as well that has gotten better but they do pop sometimes.
I have this small bump inside my belly button that I am wondering if it's herpes. I already have a hard time trusting doctors because I have went through some problems with them in the past. And the reason I have not gone because if they tell me I have herpes or some other type of virus which I'm pretty sure that I do, then they are going to want to give me antitrivial drugs and I do not want that. I have been doing all this on my own and I do feel a hell of a lot better than I did but I still feel like I have not completely cured myself of what is going on. Just within this year I have found out about MMS and coconut oil. I started taking raw coconut oil first because I read about the benefits that it has for your body. And the I started doing the MMS 1000 protocol and mixing 24 drops in a liter of water and drinking 1/8 of it every hour. It does seem like it helps but it's a pain in the ass. What I want right now is for someone I can really trust to test my blood to found out if I have anything and what it is that I have. All the doctors here in my state are pretty much all medical doctors that don't know a damn thing about health and wellness and getting rid of the cause of a problem. They are all medical doctors. I do not just want to treat the symptoms I want a cure. I want to treat the cause to get rid of the symptoms which is why I do a lot of things on my own. I am no doctor but I like to dig deep into information about things and treat myself. I am self reliant. And it has taken a lot of trial and error over the years but I have gotten better at it. So please can someone tell me how many drops of MMS can I mix into a 500 ml of water in a bottle. And can anyone help me. Much appreciated.

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30 Mar 2018 21:08 #58113 by Cindy
Replied by Cindy on topic Hello I have some questions and need help.
Hi Jason you do not have to guess at having herpes and you do not need a doctor to find out. You can order test kits at sites like this www.stdcheck.com/herpes-i-ii-test.php
Do you think it is type 1 or type 2? Could it be shingles? You don't have to be elderly to get shingles. I got my first shingles attach when I was 40. it's rare but kids can also have shingles. Shingles is herpes zoster, the chicken pox virus that has been hiding in your body all those years. I am new to MMS so I can't give advise but I hope it helps to get rid of the virus for you.

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31 Mar 2018 00:22 #58117 by CLO2
Jason, thanks for your history of researching your health problem.

It sounds like you don't have Jim Humble's latest book, MMS Health Recovery Guidebook.

Here is a positive testimonial on HSV2 you may not have read.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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