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EPSOM salts orally 06 Jan 2021 20:09 #67417

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I just posted this in my "Sulfur" Post. you should all know what I just figured out.

Last night I continued to be really messed up, it was a two day crisis. I was still taking 2 drops MSM/CDH and 2 drops DMSO (half of my previous days doses) all day yesterday. It caught up with me! I tried some STS, just a little (1/8 tsp) late and it made it worse. It just added up to too much inner cellular methylated sulfur in my system.

I suffered all night last night and could not get the leg pain, and restless leg to stop. I was: cold, hurting, my gut and center back was hurting (small intestine). I took Taurine, Turmeric and Chlorella (all which have sulfate) a few other things and nothing worked. I knew this was a toxic load being moved into my gut that my body was unable to deal with but I could not figure out that solution.

I was recirculating toxins I believe. The DMSO, and STS had caught up with me. I got this same crisis taking MSM with other sulfur contaitning supplements a few weeks ago. I knew what was happening, just couldn't figure out what to do about it

Finally this morning I rolled the dice and took a: P5P (like B5), a gram of Turmeric, and 1/2 tsp of Epsom, and within 30 min I knew it was working. I got comfortable and was able to sleep this morning and Im still fine. It was the Mag and Sulfate in the Epsom that allowed my gut to detox. The DMSO I had been taking was pushing so much junk to my gut that it would not bind properly and it was causing a great deal or toxic load, or re-circulation, or something that was not supposed to be happening. I dont think the MMS/CDH had any impact on this crisis, because I had the exact same thing happen a few weeks ago, before I ever took MMS.

This is what Ive learned: DMSO, STS, MSM all are very systemic. Take one and you and you are basically injecting Sulfate into your cells, maybe getting it into your really sick over-loaded cells. Normal cells really like sulfate, but nothing about me is normal, my toxic load is high, and I likely have a sulfate shortage (evidence: DMSO skin test burning & pain, dry mouth, High oxalate levels, low Calcium levels, gallbladder-ectomy, bile problems, at times hypoglycemia, etc. etc..) .

So Epsom might stay in your gut, or at the very least it does not add to a healing crisis within your cells that follows taking: DMSO, MSM, STS. It sure saved me! Everyone needs to never forget this, it could save you a lot of agony! I expect to maybe get loose bowls and an empty colon today, but I'll take that all day compared to a healing crisis that is unbearable and seems unsolvable. Usually a really loose colon follows me taking 3-4 tsp or more Epsom, because I absorb more sulfate than most people. A person with a normal sulfate level might have a bowl movement within a few hours of taking 1-2 tsp or so, (way less than me).

I just took another 1/2 tsp Epsom by itself and Im doing fine. What a relief that was! Epsom USP (USP means its orally approved, and costs a little more) , make sure you have some handy!

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